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#91 – 29-01-2021

This is the longest and shortest January I’ve ever experienced. It’s so strange and unusual the past 12 months now. Things are going well and horrible all simultaneously it feels like. I bought a new ps4 and that’s fun playing red dead redemption 2 and getting a break from everything. My car dashboard lights up […]

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#90 – 19-01-2021

I got ready to leave work this morning after my night shift, took off the PPE and headed to the shop on my way home for some stuff In the door and greeted by my dog, the noises and excitement never get old for a second. And now I’ve got 3 days off work so […]

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#89 – Things are strange, life is strange

I hear a saxophone play as I walk my dog The harmonica gets loud as I continue My journey undecided yet Charlie looks at me for guidance Where are we going? What are we doing? He asked me and I ask myself What’s happening, where are we going buddy? We stroll down cruises street and […]

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#88 – 12-01-2021

This year is off to a slow start in Ireland anyway that’s for sure. I’m already tired of the long days in work and the full PPE gear ohh fuck, the best part of the day is showering at night when I get home This vaccine needs to be rolled out, thrown out and shot […]