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#96 – What the hell do I write about now

There’s not much really happening these days. Get up go to work or get up and zone out for my days off man. Honestly I want to travel again more than anything both home here in Ireland and around the world. I miss the whole thing of finding a new place and making it home […]

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#95 – 100 movies – The great, the good, the bad and the ugly

25 Great ones 25 Good ones 25 bad ones & 25 so bad they’re good ones Now this is all purely my opinion of course . We’ll start with the great ones and work our way on down. Enjoy my guys! The 25 Great ones

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#94 – 08-02-2020

So last week was pretty good. Aside from the usual at work and my 1 year assessment with my manager which went pretty good I have to say. Life’s easier when your work isn’t actively destroying your mental health and soul. So my contract has been renewed and I’m still going to be a Social […]

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#93 – Altering my reality in Lockdown

It’s tough to find something to stay doing while stuck in your house, yeah going to work is leaving the house and it’s good to be part of helping out during a pandemic but it’s the days off, The nights and the endless hours in between. What do you do? Alcohol, drugs another fucking walk […]

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#92 – 01-02-2021

January went by so fast, January dragged along all the same as the last year This goddamn year better be good It’s February, Thank fuck!