#184 J

So today’s the day

I’ll miss you J

For 3 years you made my day whenever I saw you.

In the time that’s passed , I thought of you fondly and often

The kindest and most gentle soul

On my bad days and mornings you were still my happy pal,

On the good days you made them greater with your kind smile

I’m better for having known you,

Having spent hours with you,

Chatting about your special Olympics medals,

The story of meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Your love for your family your mam, your dad your sister, nieces and nephews

I’ll be happy for the sing songs in the cars on our trips, even if we just went to the shop we had a sing together,

Your enthusiasm for life and new things was a thing of beauty.

You’d rob my sunglasses cause they looked better on you,

We’d laugh and hug and have coffee in the mornings

You’d tell me to shave the beard and tell me it felt like a brillo pad

I wish I could tell you again how special you are to me,

The world’s a darker place now that you’ve left it,

My life’s a brighter place for having known you

Jason, I’ll see you down the road someday and we’ll catch up.

3 thoughts on “#184 J

  1. I sadly know this story all too well. I’m sorry for the loss, happy for the laughter that you brought each other. The beautiful part is that I PROMISE YOU that you made as much of an impact on his as he did for you.

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