#189 – My favorite 18 TV shows

Today’s the day for my top 18’s it seems. Here’s my list of my favourite television series of all time as of the morning of Friday the 13th, August 2021

  1. The Sopranos
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Californication
  4. Ray Donovan
  5. Curb your Enthusiasm
  6. Entourage
  7. Mad men
  8. Deadwood
  9. Family guy
  10. The Simpsons
  11. 30 rock
  12. Seinfeld
  13. Parks and Recreation
  14. Brooklyn Nine nine
  15. Community
  16. Malcolm in the middle
  17. Father Ted
  18. It’s always sunny in philadelphia

9 thoughts on “#189 – My favorite 18 TV shows

    1. Oh they’re the worst people you could ever come across yet they’re so entertaining haha. I could watch any episode any day so psycho, especially Dennis he definitely has borderline personality disorder. Thanks any other favourites of yours I might have missed out?

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  1. Yes, he’s truly frightening. Adore the skiing one and the Flowers for Charlie one

    Well, Veep is wonderful and clever but you can’t include everything.

    They say Parks & Recreations is brilliant. I must watch. There’s an actor I love in it. He played the devil in A Good Place. His name escapes me. Great post.


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    1. You know what I’ve only seen clips from that show. With shows from the 80’s I was always partial to The A Team and the Dukes of Hazzard honesty but I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing the Hoff with Kitt haha

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