#191 – Spotify playlists

I’ve been listening to a lot of music and making playlists lately on Spotify in particular. I’ve been rediscovering some older playlists and friends music that they’ve compiled too. So in an attempt to broaden my music appreciation and catalogue of songs I listen to I’m going to link my Spotify account below.

I’ve often found it with my friends and other people on their blogs here that they suggest a song and I almost always forget the song or don’t look it up. I’ve found the best way for me to actually listen to new music is to queue it up on Spotify, follow an artist, download the song or follow a playlist and Spotify just has the easiest ways to listen to music and podcasts. So if you see any good music give me a follow maybe we can share some of our favourite music together.

As for me it’s Friday morning, I’m off for the weekend, I have a new job I’m starting next month and my younger brother turns 18 tomorrow. Things are constantly happening and I’m hoping there’s more good news coming instead of the constant pile of on shit that’s been happening the last month in particular. I was starting to feel like I was beaten to the ground and each time I started to get up something else would kick me back down, not fun. However it’s goanna be 25° here today and I plan on enjoying the sun as much as possible! I hope anyone reading this is doing well and staying safe out there with the Pandy Wandy still in effect but hopefully on the back foot at this stage. Live music I miss you and I can’t wait for October to see Mick Flannery and the incredible Susan O Neill in Dolan’s.

3 thoughts on “#191 – Spotify playlists

  1. I don’t know where you are at but where I live we have not been able to enjoy live music for about 18 months. Just recently I attended a football game, the first “open” event for everyone; loved it. However; as much as I enjoy football, it is not the same as feeling the rush of music course through the entire body and just let lose. There is something wild yet majestic about live music; kind of redundant to say but it does make you feel alive. Enjoy the sunshine🙏

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    1. Oh I’m over here in Ireland, the last live music I went to was in July 2019 seeing Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

      It really does make you feel alive though! Live music with the crowd and the noise with the feeling where ever you are is electric. I’m not a sports fan really at all and I miss live music so much, can’t wait to get back to it!


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