#192 – Weekly update, September will be good. 02.09.2021

It’s 12.30 pm and I’m sitting in Tullamore waiting for my car to be fixed. If you saw my Friday the 13th post then you know about my car issues yet again and the hefty bill I was going to be left with. Well I rang about to the last mechanic that fixed the car ( the 3rd time since March BTW, they’re going to fix the same issue). I think that they’ll fix it without much cost because it’s they’re fault I have this issue with my damn car. If I can get it fixed, get it all done and be finished while saving some money then I’ll be happy.

New job

Aside from the persistent car troubles that just routinely occur when I’m involved, things are actually looking a lot better for the future. I’ve got a new job where I’ll be working with Enable Ireland and I’m very excited about that. Its a day service job which means a Monday to Friday work week which is new for me. I’ll have my evenings and holidays off, so 2021 will be the first Christmas and New years that I won’t be working since I was 19 years old. I had an interview over Teams on August 16th and I hadn’t a clue about how it went but I got the job and they seems very happy to have me and I am more than happy to work with them and do something new. It’s really exciting to start a new chapter in my career and it’ll improve my quality of personal life as well which is incredible. I’m glad it’s finally working out because for a while there lately it felt like each aspect of my life was kicking my ass. Work got so busy I had to leave on sick leave for a couple of weeks and my car issues, personal life had its fair share of gut punch moments. I knew that things had to improve but for a while there it was overwhelming just each day and each week offered a new and harder kick to the balls so that’s eased a little bit and now I can breathe again.

I’m awaiting confirmation for an exact start date yet but my Garda Vetting has come back, my references were great and all my training and other personnel information is moving speedily which is great. I’m going to miss some of the staff I’ve been working with since last February but I’m also excited to work with loads of staff and leave the lone working which I’ve been doing a lot of. I tell ya it’s great but also try working 1:2 with two non verbal men for 12.5 hours a day and it’ll have an effect on you too believe me. Overall though I feel very lucky for getting to work the past 18 months with the Brothers of Charity Services I’ve met so many great people and had a lot of fun despite the pandemic being in full swing the entire time.

Weekend 18th birthday party

I had my younger brother’s 18th birthday last weekend and it was a great night. This was a crazy one for me I think it’s because there’s an almost 8 year age gap between me and my brother. I still have strong memories of him as a baby coming home from the hospital, playing imaginary Ben 10 games with him as a kid and now he’s all grown up and off to college next year. We’ve always had a good relationship but with the age gap sometimes I feel like it’s a brother/father type vibe so it’s difficult be the fun big brother and the father figure at the same time but hey its been fun striking that balance at the same time. We had a fun night, he had his first beer and handled it all very well. We played cards against humanity into the late hours of the night, me and my girlfriend drank Negroni spritz cocktails and they went down a real nice. Big BBQ for dinner where I got to man the grill and show off my skills, aside from some extra crispy or charr grilled items here and there it was great food if I do say so myself.

So August got off to a rough start for me anyway but by the end of it my brother had become an adult, I found a new job and I see a better future for myself now with a proper work routine finally. It took 5.5 years of residential care for adults with disabilities with hours all over the place but I think I’ve found a dream job for myself and I feel ready for it and I will appreciate the work hours.

New music

The latest songs that I’ve been listening include a new song of Warren Zevon that I listened to last week. I found and fell in love with Warren Zevon back in 2017 and since then I’ve been slowly going through all of his music catalogue. Warren passed away in 2003 and he ain’t making new music so I want his music to last for me and honestly I’m proud of my ability to delay listening to every single song of his. Last week though I listened to the song for my next trick I’ll need a volunteer. This song is incredible and it’s so lively, fun and a little dark too which is how I’d describe Warren Zevon to a new listener. Honestly I’ve never met a person who knew the guy, I can’t wait for that day but this song especially is playing a lot these days. He starts it off with some beautiful piano, he adds his own unique voice into it and the drums, harmonica all add beautifully to the song. I could listen to Warren’s voice for hours on end, his lyrics again here and style add so much energy and depth. The mid point harmonica solo too are just perfection.

Movie recommendation

The best film that I’ve watched in the past month or two was The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. This film stuck with me so much that I watched it on a Thursday and again the next day on Friday evening with my girlfriend. This film is so incredibly beautiful and well crafted. Roger Deakins made specific lenses for the film to give the feel of old films where the centre was visible and the side had a hazy sort of dream like quality to them. The film is a real deconstruction of the Western genre and a wild west legend in Jesse James.

The cast is excellent here with Brad Pitt playing the title role of Jesse James and Casey Affleck playing Robert Ford the man who kills the famous outlaw. The rest of the cast includes: Sam Rockwell, Sam Sheppard and Jeremy Renner. The music, cinematography, story, acting and style of this film made me realise again why I fell in love with cinema. If your a film fan this is one that you have to see. The soundtrack has been playing a lot lately in particular the song for Jesse and the money train. The whole soundtrack was done by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis it’s only about 45 minutes long and it’s quickly become one of my favourite film soundtracks. This is one film I can’t recommend highly enough and I give it a

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10/10

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