#3 – 10 most rewatchable stand up specials of all time!

Everyone loves to laugh, I like some dark comedy, social commentary, smart jokes, dumb jokes, dad jokes, knock knock jokes if it’s funny I want to watch it, listen to it and try my best to re tell it to my friends and family all week after. In the past 4 or 5 years the rate of specials on Netflix and podcasting has brought a whole new group of comedians to the forefront. Many of these stand ups became known to the public on YouTube, Netflix, Podcasting and have thousands of hours of content. Which honestly I cant get enough of.

Let’s kick start this list of my favourite and most rewatchable stand up specials of all time! From the jokes, stories, intros and on-going jokes you can take from these specials they really are hilarious, thought provoking and a little messed up in the best ways possible.

1. Tom Segura – Mostly Stories

Mostly Stories 2016

Tom Segura has been a stand up comedian for almost 20 years. Tom Segura gained popularity on the Joe Rogan’s podcast and his own podcast which he runs with his wife and stand up Christina Pazitsky Your mom’s house. Keep them jeans high and tight mommies. Mostly stories is exactly that, Segura telling stories from his life. Released to Netflix in 2016, Segura has plenty of stories to tell. From meeting Mike Tyson to BIKES to making sure we know that “some people suck”. Mostly stories feels like catching up with one of your friends and I’ve watched it at least 10 or 20 times since it’s release.

2. Tom Segura – Disgraceful

Disgraceful 2018

Disgraceful was released to Netflix in 2018 and again Tom Segura aka Tommy buns is relentless and hilarious. Tom’s got the meaning of life figured out and he’s willing to share it with us, Tom’s recent weight loss and yeah he’s ready to brag about it too. Tom covers the words we’re allowed say, not to say to weed laws and how there’s no better feeling than killing the enemy. There’s something for everyone to enjoy from a Tom Segura special, he’s a master on the stage and is endlessly relatable.

3. Dave Chappelle – Killin em Softly

Killin em Softly 2000

Dave Chappelle honestly may be the greatest stand up comedian of all time. Chappelle is relaxed on the stage, he holds the audience in the palm of his hand and this classic special from 2000 is a perfect showcase for Chappelle. Simply put, Dave Chappelle is a comedic genius who should be held in the same regard as Richard Prior, Eddie Murphy, Dave Attell and so on. Recorded in his hometown of Washington DC, Chappelle covers his usual topics of race, weed, feminism and the potential of America having a black president someday. Chappelle owns the stage and is so goddamn hilarious in this still timely special almost 20 years after its release.

4. Bert Kreischer – Secret Time

Secret Time 2018

He’s the machine, Bert Kreischer is another amazing comic with great stories from his life, college, his wife and kids who appear to be equally as funny as Bert is himself. Bert is knows for his specials on Netflix, the MACHINE story which is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard. Bert has a podcast he does himself and often with guests on YouTube the Bertcast is highly recommended. If your a fan of Tom Segura and Bert then the 2 bears 1 cave Podcast is an experience each episode to be honest. Secret time is Bert in a nutshell, he chats shit about himself, his family and yeah he shares a lot of secrets. He’s an amazing comic, he gets that shirt off as soon as he can and the stage is his. If you can take your focus off his bod and listen you’ll definitely have a great time and have a pain in your side from laughing so hard.

5. Bill Burr – I’m sorry you feel that way

I’m sorry you feel that way 2014

Bill Burr is the man. He’s got a lot of opinions and hates a lot of the stupid shit that’s going on in the world. Burr is hilarious from start to finish. Bill Burr became known for his stand up specials and his roles on Chappelle show, Breaking bad and his Netflix show F is for family. Bill Burr is one of the most relatable comics and people ever, listening to his opinions and rants are a thing of beauty that need to be heard by true comedy fans. Bill has great ideas on population control, the zombie Apocalypse, Domestic abuse, gun control he’s talking about the light stuff and he’s a real pro and I just really want him to do a Ted talk. His Monday morning podcast has been just him ranting and he’s been doing it for years, there’s just hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of Bill Burr’s content out there. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Released in 2014.

6. Eddie Murphy – RAW

Raw 1987

EDDIE MURPHY. He’s in his prime, he’s RAW the year is 1987 and judging by the picture alone here you probably assumed yeah that’s definitely the 80’s. Raw is one of them timeless specials with a fantastic intro featuring Samuel L Jackson and that outfit that leather outfit alone is just outstanding. Eddie Murphy shares stories about Bill Cosby, Mr. T and his father and family. Eddie Murphy is more known for his iconic movie roles in Beverly Hills cop, coming To America, Trading places and yeh Shrek too but this special is really worth a watch and as a way to see him like never before.

7. Dave Chappelle – Equinimity

Equinimity 2017

Released in 2017 Chappelle came back from an almost 10 year break since the Chappelle show ended he comes out with 4 different specials and they all have their own charm, rhythm and style. For me the Equinimity hour is the best of the 4 specials he released that year. Right from the start the opening intro is courful, beautiful, Roberta Flack’s Killing me softly plays it’s a work of art itself. Then Chappelle takes the stage, he’s relaxed, matured, hilarious he’s insightful, enigmatic and the only one who can do what he does and he knows it and owns it too. He has been doing it since he’s 13 years old so I am in awe with how fresh, funny and deep his jokes really are. Chappelle can tell us a punch line before the joke yet still take us by surprise when he tells the punch line to the joke. You’ll laugh your ass off with this guy and it all seems so effortless to watch him up there.

8. Joe Rogan – Strange Times

Strange Times 2018

Joe Rogan has been a stand up comic for almost 30 years. He became famous for Newsradio and being the host of fear factor. Joe Rogan has a Podcast on YouTube and is arguably the most influencing Podcaster currently. Joe Rogan has had many of the people on this list on the podcast to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, crashing Tesla’s stock when he smoked weed with Elon Musk live on the show to having Mike Tyson, Jamie Foxx, Edward Snowden to name a small few. Rogan is a big weed enthusiast and very animated and creative with his arguments. We really are living in strange times and Joe Rogan is an ideal candidate to speak on the issues facing us today and give him own interesting take on it. Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton, Caitlyn Jenner and everything in between Joe Rogan’s brings his brilliant mind to the stage and entertains us on this special from 2018

9. Anthony Jeselnik – Fire in the Maternity ward

Fire in the Maternity ward 2019

Anthony Jeselnik brings his brilliantly dark comedy to the stage again. He follows up his my thoughts and prayers special with what is easily one of the funniest and brilliantly named specials I’ve seen in a long time. Jeselnik is brilliant and he’d be the first to agree with that statement. There’s something so funny about his set ups and punch lines. Released on Netflix in 2019.

10. Tom Segura – Completely Normal

Completely Normal 2014

Tom segura returns again on this list with his first special completely Normal. Another genius stand up special from 2014. From disrespecting hotel rooms, the first 48 to travel advice, fat jokes and shouting black.