#193 – Skellig Michael experience

Last week I took a trip to the Skellig Michael Islands off the coast of Kerry. These cliffs are famous for being featured in the latest Star Wars trilogy as well as a scene in Harry Potter.

Rey and Luke on Skellig Michael in Star Wars the Last Jedi

The islands have been on my to do list for a long time and while we couldn’t walk onto the islands the boat trip right around the islands was incredible. The sights of the lighthouses on these rocks 12km out from shore are breathtaking. Many having being built by the light House keepers and monks that resided on the island. One of the islands is called the little Skellig and it was covered in birds about 30’000 of these Gannets occupy the island. The sight and the sounds of these birds was incredible to see, it was live being there while they filmed a nature documentary. It’s the second largest colony of these birds in the world.

The Gannets on their island

The Skellig Michael Island itself was beautiful to see and I can’t wait to go back there next summer and go onto the island and take a walk about. The island is occupied by three people who give tours and they work 3 weeks on and a week off for the summer months. My favourite part was seeing one of these women out jogging and it’s this empty island with a person jogging about with their headphones on. Now that’s how you socially isolate from society right there. She jogged along til she saw the boat near then she thought alright I don’t feel like seeing people and I’m jogging back, ya love to see it.

This legend right before seeing us and doing a U turn

For anyone looking for a fun time I gotta recommend this the boat trip was a lot of fun, the captain / guide was also great and we had a good laugh with him and learned a thing or two as well. The Skellig Michael experience also has a short film about the island, a restaurant and gift shop too all right on the beautiful little town of Portmagee in County Kerry. It really is a beautiful part of the world. If you go there you have to go to the Smugglers cafe and order yourself a toasted sandwich or the fish & chips.

Heading out on the boat was a lot of fun and a great way of forgetting everything and being surrounded by the sea, the fresh air and the waves splashing and soaking me, it was incredible. I’m going to share some more photos from my staycation here below, I hope you enjoy and maybe found a new activity to do in the south of Ireland now!

3 thoughts on “#193 – Skellig Michael experience

    1. Yeah it was really fun and just so far removed from the world at least it felt that way when I got out there anyway. I’m definitely going to be going back!


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