#249- The most visually striking western I’ve ever watched. Brad Pitt’s greatest role is Jesse James

The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford is a western film from 2007. It was directed by Andrew Dominik who also directed the Eric Bana film Chopper and Killing them softly. While I really enjoyed those other two films there's something about the assassination that is just so visually stunning and otherworldly. … Continue reading #249- The most visually striking western I’ve ever watched. Brad Pitt’s greatest role is Jesse James

#188 – My favorite 18 films

Keeping in line with my favourite 18 songs I thought I'd put down my favourite films here. Some of these aren't the classics or what you'd usually expect on a list but they're my favourite, most rewatchable and enjoyable films. They're not necessarily in any particular order but these 18 are films I watch on … Continue reading #188 – My favorite 18 films

#61 – Tombstone 1993

Directed by: George P. Cosmatos & Kevin Jarre Written by: Kevin Jarre Starring: Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn, Powers Boothe, Billy Zane, Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Hayden Church, Paula Malcomson, Stephen Lang, Dana Delaney, Robert Mitchum and Charlton Heston. Set in America in the 1880's we follow the events proceeding … Continue reading #61 – Tombstone 1993

#58 – Jurassic Park – 1993

Directed by : Steven Spielberg Written by : Michael Crichton and David Koepp Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L Jackson and Richard Attenborough What is there to say about Jurassic Park that hasn't been said. We all know it's one of the greatest blockbuster films ever made. It's one of the most … Continue reading #58 – Jurassic Park – 1993

#39- Legends of the Fall – 1994

Directed by: Edward Zwick Story by: Jim Harrison Starring: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, Julia Ormond, Henry Thomas & Bart the bear The Plot Legends of the Fall follows the tale of the Ludlow family. The film follows Colonel Ludlow as he moves his three sons to the remote country side of Montana after … Continue reading #39- Legends of the Fall – 1994