#213- The London skyline

London was always so close to home yet it took me a quarter of a century to get there,

I wanted to go on the London eye with Eva,

We got our tickets,

Paid extra for a fast pass as well,

Excitement and anticipated thoughts were in my head,

I couldn’t wait to behold the view of this beautiful city,

I walked around the streets,

The cobbled roads,

The fancy roads and walkways

And a few dodgy side streets too, just to balance things out.

Jugglers, skateboarders, singer’s and food trucks app over the place.

London bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and all the rest is what I wanted to see.

Instead I was met with fog,

An intense fog that shrouded us all as we rose and rose slowly into the heavens.

Vision’s of the shard, the water and the building’s were replaced with fog and a boy no older than seven or eight in with us,

All he wanted was his ham sandwich,

been talking about this for months” the lady who was with him said as they sat together. He kicked his legs, which didn’t reach the floor.

Just eating his food and happy with life at that point.

I’ll see the skyline London again I’m sure,

Down the road and at another time.

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