#5 – How I got into the mind of a Serial Killer

Monday the 4th of November 2019 me and some friends of mine were treated to a talk in the strand Hotel in Limerick. The topic of duscussion was serial killers and that’s exactly what we got. The talk was given brilliantly by Jennifer Rees who gave great details, descriptions and some humour believe it or not and yeah that was needed at segments during the night. The talk was about the psychology of serial killers, their crimes, reasoning, psychopathy, thinking and how they carry out their crimes. This is a perfect talk for anyone with an interest in this topic or for someone with no prior knowledge to any of these crimes or types of individual as it gives a broad understanding into the world of serial killers. Gender, Race, Class are all covered and explored in the talk and it is revealed how these all factor into making a Serial killer.

Pedro Lopez. Sentenced to killing 110 women and girls. Lopez has claimed to have raped and killed over 300 girls.

The psychology of serial killers was really engaging, interesting and at many times during the night uncomfortable. One of the things that got me was the amount of serial killers who get caught and sentenced to 12 or 18 years for dozens of murders and then they get out, they’ve served their time and now they’re out, they’re just out exploring the world right now in 2019.

Crime statistics

The talk was given excellently and gave Insights into the serial killer mind and their childhood. Techniques and technologies used to catch and profile these serial killers. The BTK killer and the Zodiac killer tormented the American public and their victims. I knew BTK had been caught and Zodiac hadn’t but hearing of how we took his time with his victims, how he sent cryptic letters to the police yet has still not been caught to this day.

Learning of some serial killers last words, like the vampire of Dusseldorf his last words were “Tell me, after my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures” I mean this guy Peter Kurten was a complete psychopath.

More male and female murder statistics

I would recommend Mindhunter, Zodiac, Seven, Gone Girl, Silence of the lambs as other great serial killer topic based films. I’ve gone and researched further on my own with YouTube looking up The Golden State killer, BTK, Zodiac, Vampire of Dusseldorf to Dorothy Puente and her cookbook she has released from prison since being arrested and having bodies found in her garden. Really fascinating stuff if your able to stomach some of the things these people have done and are capable of doing to other people.

From Killer couples, A vampire of Dusseldorf, Golden State killer this talk covered a complete and complex spectrum of the mind of a Serial killer.