#30 – Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie ever!

Yippee kayee motherfucker. It’s Christmas again and that means movies and the best of the best the cream of the crop of all these Christmas movies is DIE HARD. It’s been a tradition of mine for years now to watch it every Christmas day even if I’m working I’m getting up early to watch John McClane save Christmas.

For those people who don’t necessarily agree Die Hard is a Christmas movie well prepared to be proved wrong, and have you actually seen the movie its so festive.

The Plot

John Mc Clane is a New York City cop who’s landing in LA so spend the holidays with his wife and 2 children. Holly is John’s wife and she left a few months earlier to pursue her career and this is the first visit they’ve had together. John is going to her office Christmas party at Nokatomi Plaza where things get out of control fast. Hans Gruber is the leader of a crew that are there to Rob the owner for millions.

John McClane is a one man wrecking crew who’s the only man on the inside that can get the job done. As John knocks off the bad guys one by one and takes their names he’s the every man hero that has to save his family and Christmas.

John McClane is the ultimate hero that gets the job done and saves the holiday season along the way.

John McClane triumphs over evil and saves Christmas for his family. Jam packed with action, Christmas music and on Christmas eve John Mc Clane gets his wife and himself home to celebrate with their family. John snaps necks, punches and machine guns his way into our Christmassy little hearts as we watch him as a one man wrecking crew.

At the end of the day John McClane just wants to spend the holidays with his family.