#46 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 10 – Review

Ray Donovan season 7 came to a close last night. The Donovan’s are being pulled apart and struggling to keep things going as we head to the final episode and pick up with everyone.

This was a good episode we discovered that Ray’s sister Bridget was pregnant with Jim Sullivan’s child when she committed suicide so many years ago in Boston. Upon Ray discovering this we see his put a bullet into Jim’s skull and he burys him deep in the woods. We cut from Ray here throughout and he sees his young sister watching over him as he burys Jim in The dirt. Closing this chapter of the Donovan family history.

Things also came to a head with Smitty and Bridget when the pair make up, make love and discuss moving back home to Los Angeles. Smitty is still caught up with Mickey and his scheme for the money he wants to get out of the Sullivans.

Of course in typical Mickey Donovan fashion this does not go according to plan.

Smitty and Mickey go to the meet with Declan Sullivan not long after Bunchy and Daryl show up and bullets start flying. Daryl fires shots at Declan, he shoots back and catches Smitty who’s in the crossfire, gets him in the neck and Daryl takes down Declan with a shot to the head. Darly and Bunchy leave after Darly contemplates ending it all and shooting Mickey as he crawls around the ground grabbing his documents.

Smitty lays on the ground clutching his neck, covered in blood and looking like he’s on the way out. Mickey looks at him and leaves. I guess all his bullshit support, encouragement and talk of God and good luck don’t add up to shit when things get serious.

Terry’s friend has jumped from her hospital window shortly after he retrieved her necklace for her. He’s confused and already thinking suicide, this is the woman who talked him out of it not long ago herself. Terry visits the psychiatrist and they talk briefly and broach the topic of suicide. It’s been discussed since the start of the show in 2013 and it isn’t afraid to bring these topics to the forefront.

We leave Terry on top on the Chrysler building in the viewing deck and wonder what will become of our Terry. Here’s hoping he can’t climb over the top.

Overall, this episode felt rushed. I was longing and hoping, wishing, praying and trying to will another 2 episodes into existence to wrap everything up in a smoother way. It felt like 2 or 3 episodes worth of content crammed into 60 minutes. Ray breaks up with Molly, the Detective and Judge get sent away in the opening five minutes and with flashbacks and current day scenes clashing I wanted it paced and spread out over more time.

Here’s hoping they renew the show for another season, even if it’s the last one they do. I don’t want this to be the finale although it was a brilliant season and if it is to be I’m sure I’ll survive and make my peace with that.

Ray Donovan you’re a great goddamn show and here’s hoping to more in the future.