#55 – More forgotten Comedy Gems

We’re back again with some underrated and forgotten Comedy gems. These films are hilarious in execution from their stories, actors and comedic moments that you and you’re friends will be quoting for months and years to come. Let’s get started….

2019’s Irish comedy with 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

This Irish comedy follows a driving instructor with special abilities such as being able to communicate with ghosts. She has hung up her ghost busting equipment since tragedy struck in her childhood and must return to what she’s best at when she forms an unlikely bond with an awkward man in need of her supernatural assistance. In the mean time a one hit wonder Christian Winter hilariously portrayed by the one and only Will Forte starts getting involved in the dark arts and conjuring spirits in an attempt to revive his music career. This film is full of hilarious, stupid and unique hauntings that need to be resolved.

2001’s comedy Evolution

Evolution is a 2001 comedy film from the director of Ghostbusters, Twins and Kindergarten cop Ivan Reitman. The film revolves around the evolution of a rapidly evolving alien organism that rocketed to earth and is on a course to destroy the earth unless our team of unlikely heroes saves the day. Evolution is a fun movie from start to finish. In the vain of Ghostbusters we follow a team of loveable loses that are the only ones seemingly able to understand what’s going on and how to save the world. With a brilliant cast to cap off from David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Julianne Moore, Sean William Scott and Dan Ackroyd.

John C Reilly is Dewey Cox

The Dewey Cox story is a film that sprawls decades and tells the ballad of Dewey Cox. With an almost identical origin story and parody of Walk the line, the Johnny Cash film of the same name. Dewey Cox is a wild film from start to finish with non stop outrageous and over the top moments. John C Reilly gives potentially my favourite performance of his here where he really shines. Through alcohol and drug addiction to him rediscovering himself this film is a wild ride and an excellently executed bio pic so insane you almost want it to be true. The walk hard song though is a genuinely good song regardless of your opinion of the film. If your a fan of over the top and ridiculous comedies this is a must see.

Kingpin 1996

The 1996 film Kingpin follows a down on his luck former bowler played by Woody Harleson. He discovers an amish man who’s incredible at bowling and plans on using him to get back to the big time. There’s just one over the top and outrageous bowler standing in their way, played by Bill Murray. This film is one of those classic 90’s comedies that’d never be made now and we’re lucky for having it. One of the great sports comedies of all time. Just like Happy Gilmore became the godfather of golf movies Kingpin is the comedy bowlers need (of course there’s the Big Lebowski also). Full of funny, unbelievable and some disgusting scenes. I’m talking about the landlady and milking the bull of course but I’m telling you Kingpin is a laugh from the outset with plenty of moments of heart and friendship on display.

Airheads 1994

Airheads is a comedy film centred around a group of three members of a rock n roll group. Starring Adam Sandler, Brenda Fraser and Steve Buscemi. Airheads follows these guys as they break into a radio station to get their album on the air whatever it takes. The film has comedy, sex, drugs and Rock N Roll and it’s so fun to watch as the situation excalates and grows out of hand leading to them taking hostages and trying their best to get their music to the station and on the air so they can change the world with their music. It’s funny and it’s dumb and I love watching it.

1997 Family comedy Mouse Hunt

One of my favourite childhood films that remains as funny today as it did when I had it on video. Mousehunt follows a pair of brothers who’s father has recently passed away. The pair were left ownership of his string factory and large estate home in the country. The brothers attempt to fix up the house and sell it for a profit and the only obstacle in their way is one mouse who’s not about to let them disturb his home so easily. Full of some hilarious slapstick comedy and over the top attempt to rid the home of their pest problem. From the director of Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango and the Lone ranger this underrated comedy is perfect for the whole family. Lee Evans and Nathan Lane are a brilliant pair also as the two brothers who are brought to their wits end by this persistent and adorable little mouse.

Will Forte is Doug Kenney

Last but certainly not least is the 2018 Netflix film a futile and stupid gesture. This film follows the rise and fall of Doug Kennedy, the man who started national lampoon magazine as well as caddyshack and animal House. Forte is unbelievable as Doug Kenney and really shines in a bio pic about a guy nobody really knows but we’ve all enjoyed the content he created. Truly a comedic and satirical genius Doug Kenney is a loveable fuck up who’s ready to make a joke out of any situation and I love every single scene in this film its such a bizarre and outrageous film. With actors playing young versions on Chevy Chase (a close friend of Doug) Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and John Belushi to name a few.

A futile and stupid gesture aside from having one of the greatest film titles of all time also benefits greatly for it’s excellently timed dry and sarcastic comedy moments. The life of Doug Kenney had no impact on my life until seeing this film in 2018 and having seen it I feel like I’ve known about him all my life. This film is a must see for all comedy lovers.

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