#58 – Jurassic Park – 1993

Directed by : Steven Spielberg

Written by : Michael Crichton and David Koepp

Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L Jackson and Richard Attenborough

What is there to say about Jurassic Park that hasn’t been said. We all know it’s one of the greatest blockbuster films ever made. It’s one of the most iconic and groundbreaking films of all time. The special effects on display were and still to this day are breathtaking. With Steven Spielberg at the helm of what is possibly his greatest film but choosing your favourite Spielberg film is about as difficult as a single theory on intergalactic space travel.

Jurassic Park is one of those films that’s perfect from start to finish right down to the cinematography, special effects, directing, writing and actors.

Sam Neill leads the charge as Dr. Alan Grant along with his partner Dr. Ellie Sattler. These pair are an unstoppable couple and the chemistry between the two is brilliant and extremely genuine.

Richard Attenborough plays the eccentric and loveable Billionaire John Hammond who’s life dream is to create something extraordinary something bigger than himself and anything that came before mankind. Hammond recruits Dr. Grant and Sattler to be the test group on the first tour of the park. Along for the ride also is scene stealer Jeff Goldblum as the even more eccentric Dr. Ian Malcolm a chaotician who’s the rockstar, the Mick Jagger of the scientific community. The Goldblum is on full display in this film and it is glorious.

Another scene stealer and one of my favourite characters is Robert Muldoon played by Bob Peck. Robert Muldoon is the Head of security and particularly concerned about the speed, intelligence and violence displayed by the vilociraptors. He’s about the only guy to seem so tough while wearing a pair of shorts the entire time.

So who is this film for you ask?

Well Jurassic Park is a film for people of all ages. Well maybe not too young I watched the first two when I was seven and I was seeing Velociraptors everywhere. I’d run up the stairs at night incase those fuckers were following me, when I put out the bins I’d have to give a check of the perimeter from the porch to see was the coast clear. With that being said I had an overactive imagination and to be honest I have no regrets this film has become such a massive part of my life. It sparked the craze and peaked my interest in dinosaurs and history in general.

There’s incredible action, tension, suspense and comedy throughout. Right from the outset we become invested in the characters and that’s the heart of jurassic Park. We’re rooting for these characters and come to love, relate and root for our heroes hoping and sitting on the edge of our seats when things go horribly wrong and the dinosaurs get loose on the island with the group stranded with animals meant to be separated from us by 65 million years of evolution.

The Theme song

The greatest and most iconic theme song to grace the silver screen. John Williams once again creates something so beautiful and transendent for a film.

This film has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and 100% with me honestly it’s such an unbelievable adventure to be along for the ride.

So get jurassic Park put it on. Get some popcorn and a drink and as Samuel L Jackson so iconicly said hold onto your butts”

7 thoughts on “#58 – Jurassic Park – 1993

  1. I love this movie. There are so many great scenes, and I think the T-Rex chase, starting with the trembling cup of water, is one of the best ever. As for picking a favourite Spielberg film, I’d probably cheat and have a 3 or 4 way tie.

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    1. Have to agree the entire sequence with the T-Rex is one of the best moments in the film that and the raptors in the kitchen scene at the end


  2. “John, the kind of control you’re attempting simply is…. it’s not possible. If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories, it crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously……
    I’m simply saying that life, uh… finds a way.”

    My favorite line

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    1. Such a great line and nobody could’ve said it better than the Jeff Goldblum himself. Ian Malcolm is such a great character too the posing the goldblum mannerisms work so well for that character too, he’s the best.


      1. I love him, and in that movie I loved him even more. Actually, there wasn’t a poor performance in the movie other than the lawyer, who they got rid of pretty amazingly. And even he wasn’t bad, just not an interesting character until the outhouse was smashed. LOL And i love BD Wong as the scientist!

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      2. Oh such a great cast of characters in jurassic Park it’s been a favourite of mine since I was a kid. I’ve always loved Bob Peck as Robert Muldoon. He’s the guy who wants to destroy all the raptors. His line “clever girl” just always stuck with me, such a cool performance


      3. I know exactly who he is. I LOVE that line. Actually, I only have sisters, so every time any of us manages to outfox the other’s the one who got beat ALWAYS says “clever girl” with the same tone he used. It’s funny, we were all just kids, and that’s the line that stuck out for the other two (younger), otherwise they were hiding trying to crawl behind my mother. I was loving it, cuz I love animationics and I was having a great time until the eye. Then I tried to climb over my mother to get out of the theater. Everyone in the theater looked at me like I lost my mind, but I didn’t. I’m A LOT older now and that scene still terrifies me. Then when the raptor is in the kitchen tapping it’s toe nail. I just can’t. That’s a level of intelligence that it should NOT have and it sends shivers down my spine. I almost got hurt on that one. Mom grabbed that back of my shirt funny and when she pulled me into the seat, I missed it. Again, only person in the theater. Everybody else was freaking out with the shadow and the jello. I just thought that was awesome. When the lawyer got eaten was also, just awesome. When his arm came down on her shoulder, AWESOME! Only two scenes: the eye and the toe nail. And they got me worse than any other movie in the history of all movies combined. I’ve never tried to run out of a theater before or since.

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