#122 – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Written & Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, Quentin Tarantino, Eddie Bunker & Lawrence Tierney

The story

A gang of criminals with colours used to replace their names attempts a jewellery robbery but things don’t go exactly to plan. With tension at an all time high the crew of robbers tries to make sense of what happened earlier that day.

Mr Blonde (Madsen) Mr White (Keitel) and Mr Pink (Buscemi)

My thoughts *Spoilers*

Quentin Tarantino certainly blasted onto the film scene with his first film here. The sense of style, writing, editing, music and his sharp sense for memorable dialogue is all on display right here from the offset.

The cast of characters here is incredible. From the wiser career criminal of Mr White played by the great Harvey Keitel. Michael Madsen as the psychotic and quick to violence Mr Blonde. Steve Buscemi plays the willing to do anything to make it out Mr Pink. Then there’s the incredible role of undercover cop played by Tim Roth as Mr Orange.

With an incredible ensemble cast including Chris Penn and Lawrence Tierney as a father son criminal relationship that’s very entertaining to watch.

A quick checklist of everything that’s incredible in this film

  • The Music
  • The Location
  • The editing
  • The cast
  • The story
  • The cinematography

Quentin Tarantino’s flare for the dramatic and his unique style as a filmmaker is formed right here on the screen before us. The story of these criminals getting mixed up in this robbery / undercover sting operation by the police is highly entertaining and full of twists throughout.

Even here Tarantino’s use of non linear story telling is on full display. He jumps forward and back throughout adding an extra element to this very original story. The setting for the film too is very well used. Considering that the majority of this film takes place in a garage. The film has an attitude and confidence about itself. The self assured nature that Tarantino was able to bring to the table here is incredible.

Not since the rise of Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg in the 1970’s has a filmmaker burst onto the scene in such a dynamic way. Tarantino to this day is one of the Greatest filmmakers of all time.

Reservoir dogs is the jumping off point for one of the icons of cinema. It’s a fan favourite and has lasted as a classic film over 25 years later.

Tarantino is a force of nature. Reservoir dogs is one of his smallest scale films yet it’s one of the best films on the 1990’s, a decade of incredible filmmaking already.

So come for the story.

Come for the chaos

Come for the music

Come for the action, the drama, the music

Come for a one of a kind experience

Reservoir dogs is a heist film for the ages. A film where we skip the heist and see the planning and aftermath instead. Unusual and stylised as this film is, it is none the less one that’s a must see!

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