#124 – Bukowski for beginners

Charles Bukowski is my favourite writer. He took the page grabbed it, spat on it, spilt his drinks on it and poured his heart and soul into his words. Bukowski isn’t for everybody but those who do find and read his work there’s no going back. There’s a clear line in the sand for me that’s what I thought writing was before and after Bukowski.

A poet, a writer, a drunk and a one of a kind force of nature that made his mark on the literary world. He may have make the mark with a spilt drink or a cum stain but his mark is still there today.

There is only one Bukowski and there will never be another like him.

If your a fan or new to his workings here’s a quick couple of great works of his to start your journey.

  • Ham on Rye
  • Post Office
  • Love is a dog from hell
  • Pulp
  • Notes of a dirty old man

Charles Bukowski writes without the bullshit. His novels don’t fuck around, Bukowski had a way of stripping back all of the bullshit and cut deep to the source of his pain and the pain he saw in men’s eyes in the world.

His poems Go all the way & Bluebird are both inspiring and heartbreaking. You can’t help but feel and feel so intensely while reading him.

The greatest individual voice on the 20th century as far as writing goes. Let’s all have a drink for Bukowski 🍻

9 thoughts on “#124 – Bukowski for beginners

  1. Charles have certain aura to him. He writes with a ting of ecstasy but mostly critiques the inner monster or the dark omen which every human encapsulates.

    As you have said he doesn’t fuck around, I mean he seriously doesn’t fuck around especially with words he isn’t showcasing his wide array of lexicon, he is keeping it subtle but certainly not simple. You need to dive deep into yourself to get a comprehensive sense of his works

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    1. You said it incredibly well there my friend! Like Buk said himself

      “We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”

      I just can’t get enough of his originality and brutal honesty

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      1. We all experience his debauchery through him and totally relate to it. I enjoy his unapologeticness personally even though he upset a lot of women. The bluebird poem is a lovely insight into what was really going on under the tough exterior 💗

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      2. That’s is exactly we can live vicariously through him and save ourselves. I love how he’s just who he is and take it or leave it. Yeah I can see why women might disagree with some of the Wild things he said alright.

        Bluebird always makes me feel for Buk, at least he had his quiet and peaceful moments even if it was just when he was alone

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