#183 – Barb and star go to vista Del Mar (2021) I cried laughing

Barb and Star go to vista Del Mar is one of the greatest surprises I’ve had from a comedy film or even film in so long. This film is incredibly hilarious and such an original story. Kristen Wiig is great as the lead and her voice is definitely felt as she plays 2 characters, she is one of the writers and producers here too. Let me just say that if there’s any justice in this world they let her keep doing more great work.The story essentially is about these two life long friends from a small town who decide to finally do something exciting in their lives. The duo plan a holiday to bright and sunny Vista Del Mar for a beach trip they’ll never forget. The surreal feeling throughout the entire film is absolute perfection and the plots go wilder and wilder as the film goes on. Honestly I couldn’t say enough about this comedy. There was so many jokes as such a rapid fire pace that on several occasions I laughed so hard my stomach hurt me. There’s one joke that’s ongoing and I had tears coming out so fast I couldn’t believe this was real. If you’re a fan of comedies and especially original stories then this film is a must see. I’m already looking forward to watching this a second time for even more laughs.

The best way to go into this film is without much knowledge of the cast or the story. Let’s keep spreading the laughter around a bit and check this gem of a film out.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10/10

5 thoughts on “#183 – Barb and star go to vista Del Mar (2021) I cried laughing

      1. I’ve added your film to my watch list. I love Melissa McCarthy in both of those, she never fails to crack me up. She’s hilarious in Identity Thief and more recently I watched Thunder Force where she plays a superhero. They’re so funny 😀

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