#188 – My favorite 18 films

Keeping in line with my favourite 18 songs I thought I’d put down my favourite films here. Some of these aren’t the classics or what you’d usually expect on a list but they’re my favourite, most rewatchable and enjoyable films. They’re not necessarily in any particular order but these 18 are films I watch on a regular rotating basis. So this is a list of my favourite films as of the morning of Friday the 13th, August 2021.

  1. The Shining
  2. Braveheart
  3. Once upon a time in Hollywood
  4. Legends of the fall
  5. Tombstone
  6. Goodfellas
  7. Jurassic Park
  8. Indiana Jones and the last crusade
  9. The Shawshank Redemption
  10. Predator
  11. Die Hard
  12. Warrior
  13. Happy Gilmore
  14. The Nice Guys
  15. Godfather part II
  16. Mad Max Fury Road
  17. Watchmen
  18. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

18 thoughts on “#188 – My favorite 18 films

  1. I could see you in the Benicio del Toro “Lawyer” role in Fear and Loathing. The bathtub white rabbit scene never fails to make me laugh. Unfortunately I have played Hunter in that scenario far too many times. “Dont make me use this cattle prod!” or something like that.

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    1. “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die”. Yano I’ve definitely been called worse haha. Oh wow that scene is hilarious and so twisted, just like the rest of this film

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      1. He really was a one of a kind, a gonzo journalist and writer. I also love the opening line

        “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold”

        Really sets the tone for the journey you’re about to go on.

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  2. Oooh my personal list of favourite films differs so much from yours! I haven’t seen some of these but I agree with No. 1 and 8. Great films. I love all the Indiana Jones films, my favourite’s the Temple of Doom. I’d also add Groundhog Day, the Matrix trilogy, To Wong Fu with love from Julie Newmar (with Patrick Swayze) – that’s a beaut, so funny!

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    1. Oh really haha well I’m not too surprised with that. They’re basically my most enjoyable films to rewatch essentially. Oh interesting that temple of doom is your favourite of the Indiana Jones films, that film gets way too much hate doesn’t it.

      I can definitely see that our films are different because I’ve never been the biggest fan of the matrix or groundhog day. Both great and classic films but I’d say I’ve only seen them twice but I’ve watched the shining 50 times now haha.

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      1. How do you feel about Dead Poet’s Society? It’s almost on my list (I do love the film) but not quite cause as a working class brown girl I simply can’t relate to overprivileged white boys who cry over getting another Maths set for Christmas πŸ˜‚ no offence (in case you relate to them)

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      2. Would you believe I’ve never actually seen dead poets society. I just know the captain my captain scene from pop culture references but I have never sat down to watch it.

        That’s fair and that description isn’t too appealing haha. I’ve been more of the financially challenged white boy than overpriveleged but I should probably check out the film!


  3. The Shining is a 90s classic and creepy as hell, I’ve always got time for it. So are you saying that Keanu in a long leather mac flying all over the place doesn’t do it for you? πŸ˜‚ I suppose the Matrix’s futuristic take isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    Yes I like Temple of Doom though it is somewhat racist in the way they’ve depicted the Indian religion – kali ma, shakti de – making out the followers of kali ma (who is a fierce goddess that fights evil) to be evildoers who eat live snakes and are barbarians etc. Plus they mixed it all up with Egyptian culture which was all culturally wrong πŸ˜‚ But it’s my fave.

    Groundhog Day is just *kisses fingers*! All the ways he tries to kill himself and it doesn’t work, just hilarious! But I will have to watch some others on your list.. 😊

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    1. The shining was 1980 actually, it’s so unsettling that’s the main way I could describe the film. Oh it does something haha but I just never rewatched it very much I’ve definitely watched John Wick or Point break more sorry.

      Okay that’s true enough with indiana Jones but it was about 40 years ago too. Yeah there’s definitely flaws there alright, the monkey brain dinner scene does stick out in my mind.

      Yeah groundhog was is good I actually just watched it in the last few months and it was great to see an unhinged Bill Murray. Then again when is Bill Murray not entertaining he’s definitely the best actor that film could’ve got that’s for sure.


      1. Yeah it was 1980, I first watched it in the 90s (I’m a bit older than you 😊). Bill Murray is one of my all – time fave actors. He’s so deadpan, it just cracks me up.

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  4. #3 was great but I’m surprised you didn’t have Leaving Las Vegas on the list. Maybe you need to be an alcoholic to really appreciate it like me (in recovery).

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    1. Check again pal it’s number 18. I love Dr Thompson and how he was “Standing in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo, someone was giving booze to these goddamn things. Not long not til they tear us to shreds”. It’s an amazing film ! Fair play on the recovery too man, it’s not easy I’m sure but it beats the alternative.

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    2. I read that wrong and thought it was fear and loathing haha it’s very late here . I have seen the film but only once, my favorites are the films I watch and re watch and watch again haha. Great film though, one if Nicolas Cage’s best characters!

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