#223 – Rewatching breaking bad

The great covid rewatch continues. I haven't been watching a lot of new shows or movies over the last few months. During the first lockdown I rewatched the Sopranos,Mad men, Entourage and Californication. I found Seinfeld and Curb your enthusiasm but I started watching Breaking bad again a few weeks ago with my girlfriend who … Continue reading #223 – Rewatching breaking bad

#189 – My favorite 18 TV shows

Today's the day for my top 18's it seems. Here's my list of my favourite television series of all time as of the morning of Friday the 13th, August 2021 The Sopranos Breaking BadCalifornication Ray Donovan Curb your Enthusiasm Entourage Mad men Deadwood Family guy The Simpsons 30 rock Seinfeld Parks and Recreation Brooklyn Nine … Continue reading #189 – My favorite 18 TV shows