#167 – The King of Comedy 1982

Written by: Paul D Zimmerman Directed by: Martin Scorsese Starring: Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis, Sandra Bernhard, Diahnne Abbott & Shelley Hack *The Story * Rupert Pupkin (De Niro) plays a wannabe stand up comedian who idolises celebrity, fame and Jerry Langford (Lewis) a famous television host and comedian. A story of obsession and delusion … Continue reading #167 – The King of Comedy 1982

#133 – Jackie Brown (1997)

Written by: Elmore Leonard & Quentin Tarantino Directed by: Quentin Tarantino Starring: Pam Grier, Samuel L Jackson, Robert Forester, Michael Keaton, Bridget Fonda, Chris Tucker & Robert De Niro * The Story * Jackie Brown gets arrested for smuggling in cash for Sam Jackson's Ordell. Trouble shortly comes up with bail bonds man, FBI, gangsters … Continue reading #133 – Jackie Brown (1997)

#114 – Taxi Driver (1976)

Written by: Paul Schrader Directed by: Martin Scorsese Starring: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Peter Boyle, Cybill Shepherd & Albert Brooks The story Taxi driver follows Travis Bickle ( De Niro) as a loner who gets a job as a taxi driver. After being discharged from the military, Travis is lost in the … Continue reading #114 – Taxi Driver (1976)