Sitting on the couch, hung my tapestry finally today after three months, it looks good on the wall. The purples, symbols, shapes the elephants. I’m not sure why I’m starting a blog exactly. Not that my thoughts are any more interesting or indepth than anyone else.

I went to a meeting recently with a woman (very pleasant) about a masters programme in media studies. We chatted, had coffee, she asked questions then I followed up and asked my own too. Winging it mostly about how I want to change my career path haha career I’m 23 and feels strange to change my so called career path at my age but what ya goanna do I like change. Long story and meeting cut short she recommended to me starting a blog. Fuck it I mean worst case scenario nobody likes it and it’s just a journal for me, nice public journal they’re usually the best. I figure I’ve read good articles, reviews, books whatever so yeah why not give it a shot to see what happens.

Honestly I’m as curious as anyone to see what this blog really covers. Do I go specific and cover similar topics each blog or just whatever comes into my head. I can see myself leaning towards the latter so we’ll find out together I suppose.

So that’s about enough of an intro post from me, time for lunch…


November 5th



Enjoy every sandwich

-Warren Zevon

Famous words from a master poet of music

2 thoughts on “#1 – The Journey Begins

  1. Welcome to blogging! It’s always kind of daunting when you first start a blog but I think if you just write about what you love whenever you feel like writing, then you can’t really go wrong! I look forward to reading about some interesting films! (& thank you for following!)

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