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#180 – My first 10’000 views

There’s been so many fun milestones recently on the blog here and it’s really exciting. We’re in the middle of a heatwave, work is really busy and this blog has been such a fun escape from the pandemic too. I’m having as much fun now as when I started and had only a handful of […]

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#179 – Heatwave 2021

Heatwave in Ireland for a week now, The hot air and the dead heat of it all is too much, Give me what I’m used to over here in the summer Some days here and there with sun, not this though I can’t handle this. Of course it’s just my luck I get given 75 […]

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#178 – 300 followers!

Well this was a nice notification to wake up to and see this morning. Never did I actually think I’d have 20 or 30 people reading the things I put up here. It’s so much fun to see that more people find similar things interesting to myself. It took me a little over 18 months […]

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#177 – The hottest day in 2021 means go to Kerry and enjoy the ocean

Saturday the 17th of July was the hottest year so far in 2021 in Ireland. 30° celcius and no breeze is too much for an Irishman such as myself and I needed some cooling off. There’s just a dead heat in Limerick city so it’s time to head south to Ballybunion and walk along the […]

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#174 – my afterlife suggestion

When I die I want stats on my entire life. Just like in a video game when you hit pause and check out how you’re getting on. Red dead II for example; 176 people trampled, 27 guns owned, 8 horses purchased, etc etc etc. My memories not always the best and how accurate are they […]

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#173 – Hot summer night in Limerick

A couple lay in bed together It’s midnight Too hot to sleep The windows are open to the sound of birds, bat’s and city sounds from around A small little dog seeks his sleep underneath Astral projections on the ceiling above me, Visions of Johanna on the speaker Her music is up next, That’s usually […]

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#172 – weekly update 14/07/2021

July 14th 2021 Back to work today It’s been 13 days off from work I feel tired and rested it’s an unusual sense Time off is needed and I want more but I was lazy A lot of time on the couch, watching, eating, playing, eating,talking, drinking and my memory of the last 2 weeks […]

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#170 – The Shining 100 years on from the ending

Well well well if it isn’t the 4th of July. Oh it’s more than just the 4th of July my friends. It’s been 100 years since Jack Torrance was photographed in the Overlook Hotel. Let us never forget this iconic moment of cinema history. Kubrick, Nicholson and Duvall thank you all for the Shining. To […]

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#169 – Quick hurry and listen to Mohammad’s radio by Warren Zevon now!🎸

One of the best one of his best and one of my favourite songs of all time. The song is called Mohammad’s radio and Warren Zevon gifted the world this beautiful piece of music before he left us all behind. It’s beautiful and different just like Warren. This song just gets played a lot and […]

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#168 – my music recommendations for this week

The past week I’ve been on a non stop Bob Dylan train. The sun’s finally coming out here in Limerick and I wanna drive around, walk around and sit around at home with Dylan soothing my ears with his vocal prowess and beauty. Doesn’t Bob Dylan have such a powerful, unique and other passionate tone […]