#227 – Trapped in the Overlook hotel. I woke up screaming

I will always remember my scariest and most vivid dream. Even if I never live to be normal I don't think I'll shake the sensation and fear I had from my nightmare. I'm getting ahead of myself here let's go back to the beginning of this before the point where I wake up screaming in … Continue reading #227 – Trapped in the Overlook hotel. I woke up screaming

#221 – Vinyl collection update

The collection grows stronger as the months have passed us by. This time late year I was at the beginning stages of my collection. The early days of a new found obsession to collect more physical media. Five hundred or more DVD's, Blu ray and boxsets wasn't enough, Spotify wasn't enough at all and YouTube … Continue reading #221 – Vinyl collection update

#214 -Ray Donovan: The movie

After two years since an abrupt cancelation we've gotten closure on the seven seasons that was Ray Donovan. The Ray Donovan movie was released on January 14th 2022 after fan backlash to the series ending on a cliffhanger. The movie takes place shortly after the series end. Ray and the family are in mourning over … Continue reading #214 -Ray Donovan: The movie