#7 – The Day I met David Duchovny

It all started simply enough lying in bed one night listening to Spotify and it hadn’t been long since I discovered that David Duchovny actually writes and sings his own songs which right off the bat blew my mind. For those of you unfamiliar with his work he has played the writer and all round legend Hank Moody in Californication. Duchovny is probably best known for playing the role of Conspiracy theory Icon Fox Mulder on the X files.

Stay Spooky Mulder

So there we were listening to DD on Spotify when my girlfriend clicked onto his homepage and saw tour dates coming up for 2019. Our minds already going a thousand miles a minute at the idea of seeing him live.

Oh oh there’s European tour dates!

Oh my god he’s in Dublin in February holy shit Holy shit Holy shit. Its happening!! Tickets available, okay okay. Add to cart were going. Roll on February this is insane

Hank Moody – Californication

January 23rd 2019 – the night a twitter competition changed everything

Enter this competition for a chance to win meet and greet tickets to see David Duchovny on his European tour. Oh yeah I’m entering that!

But nobody wins Internet competitions I mean who ever wins one of those, that didn’t stop me from entering though.

How it all began

Alright Ian, keep it to yourself don’t go telling everyone that you entered a competition for meet and greet tickets you’ll jinx it all you fool. So I kept my secret and 5 days later I hear some interesting, surreal and HOLY SHIT news.

I won! I won! I won! I won the only competition I even need to




Everyone I know is now being bombarded with the information I have and how I’m going to see the one and only David Duchovny! This can’t be real can it? Okay Ian ya did something very right and yeah this is what I get.

Now I wait..

The night of the show

DD in Dublin Baby!!

I’m barely able to keep my shit together what is actually happening? Okay Ian Okay gather yourself

What am I going to ask him?

What do I say?

Do we get a picture?

Do I shake his hand or what?

Is he as cool in person as he is on everything he’s ever done?

All answers will be revealed don’t you worry.

So we get to the Academy in Dublin we buy some merchandise. I got myself the greatest hoodie I’ve ever seen or owned and yeah its coming home with me, posters and our VIP meet and greet laniards.

Oh yeah it’s happening now

Go in buy our drinks, my hands shaking a little holding my beer alright Ian one more before we have to go meet him. The announcer comes on over the speaker. For those of you in here with your meet and greet passes David Duchovny and his band are going to warm up and do a short set before the show starts. Oh this day can’t get any better I thought.

Warm up goes well & they sound amazing, bring on the show

He wraps it up, its happening we que to meet him, I’ve got his book Miss Subways that’s a fantastic read and I’m goanna see will he sign it for me, he’s a cool guy I’m sure he will.

Big que, we’re in the middle of it I’m barely holding it together but I wanna be cool and relaxed about meeting him.



We’re closer oh my god!!!!

Next, some guy gets my name, walks over to David Duchovny tells him my name and he calls me over. For a 10 foot walk to him it felt like I was walking for miles everything slowed down and I gather myself okay Ian don’t embarrass yourself now dude.

He puts his hand out to shake mine “Hey Ian how’r you man”

good good can’t wait for the show.

We get our picture taken. I tell him I’m a massive fan, love his work and your book is great, Miss Subways would you mind signing it for me.

“I’d love to, I’m struggling a bit with some of these Irish names, it’s my first time in Ireland, how am I doing do you think?”

I’m thinking man your fuckin perfect relax. Yeah your doing good man, I haven’t finished the book yet so no spoilers haha

He laughed at that so I figured okay this is going well.

He signs the book, shakes my hand again hopes I enjoy the show and that was that. I couldn’t believe I got to meet Fox Mulder himself and he’s the coolest guy ever.

My signed edition of Miss Subways

Me and my girlfriend both lose our minds after this and go to the bar to get another drink and make sure that what happened was real and not some sorta mirage or dream. We get our drinks go up to the stage and he and his band rocked the Academy that night.

I documented the night well, about 400 pictures from start to finish but I mean c’man it was an amazing experience and one of the most surreal moments of my life.

Duchovny rocking out the Academy

Oh yeah the meet and greet picture

My heads exploding inside right at this moment

An amazing night and experience that I won’t soon forget.