#13 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 1

Ray Ray’s back

It’s been a while since Ray Donovan has been on television and I couldn’t be happier he’s back and what a season premiere it was! As usual with this show the writing, acting, directing and music is on such a level few shows can match or maintain. Ray Donovan shows no sign of slowing down, with season 6 being one of the best of the show.

Ray’s back and he’s dealing with the dramatic and violent events of the previous season finale. The consequences will be felt well into season 7 I’m sure. After the beautifully edited and scored recap were back with Ray and he’s in therapy. Liev Schreiber has created one of the greatest characters ever put to the screen and its such a delight to watch his development throughout the shows run to date. Schreiber has grown into the character so well and does so much with such a stoic and silent character. Down to Ray’s walk where it seems like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, to his subtle gestures and looks. Schreiber can and often does convincingly play an entire scene with his eyes. Ray often conveys his emotions through one or two words or with a baseball bat. Anyway it’s great to see Ray getting more in touch with his emotions and trying to be a better father than Mickey (Jon Voight) was to him and his siblings.

We mostly spent the first episode catching up with the characters. Mickey’s off to jail at the start of this episode, Bunchy’s got a stockboy job at a pharmacy (be interesting to see how long that lasts) Terry’s parkinson’s is getting worse and he turns to a more holistic approach for treatment. Ray’s daughter Bridget is dealing with the murders and new evidence coming to light from the season 6 finale. Bridget has grown to become so similar to Ray its getting kinda scary. Ray and Lena get the chance to do some classic Ray Donovan style fixing problems during the episode which is always so fun to watch.

Mickey’s back in prison, he’s getting tatted with some prison ink and facing life in prison and most likely dying in there. Jon Voight as well as the rest of the cast have developed their characters to such a level where you feel like your one of the Donovan’s and its a delight to watch their dynamic continue to grow and change.

Great first episode overall. We know what all the characters are up to and we’re all caught up with what I’m sure will be another fantastic season for the show. No sign of Ray’s son Connor in this episode so he’ll probably continue to be the most annoying and wasted character on the show. I thought AJ Soprano was a little pain in the ass but damn it Con.

I’m really enjoying Ray being based in New York now too. Adds a new element and the city feels like a great new character since the show moved from LA to NYC

An explosive season 1 ending and I can’t wait to watch more. I can’t recommend this show enough to people there’s guaranteed fun, violence, comedy and all the necessities needed.

Fans of the Sopranos, the wire, mad men or even breaking bad will love this show. Ray Donovan covers similar themes of family, crime, therapy and stellar acting performances by all.

I believe Ray Donovan is the best show on television currently with its real, flawed and compelling characters. Every aspect of the show is above and beyond amazing and it’s one of the slickest shows I’ve ever watched.

Roll on episode 2