#12 – The Edge – Man vs Wild

The Edge is a 1997 film by Lee Tamahori

The film was written by David Mamet & Stars Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson & Bart the bear

The Story

The Edge follows Anthony Hopkins as billionaire Charles Morse who is going into the Alaskan wilderness with his wife Mickey (Macpherson), Robert Green (Baldwin) as well as a small crew of photographers and wardrobe people. Charles is a quiet man, a reserved and highly educated man who is also celebrating his birthday on this trip. Bob (Baldwin) is a photographer who is there to photograph Charles’ wife Mickey (Macpherson) around the surrounding wilderness of their cabin.

The film follows them through their first night in their cabin to exploring the Alaskan wilderness via plane until they crash into a lake and are forced to survive on their wits and ability to adapt to the wild.

As they attempt to gather their location and plan to escape the wilderness and return safely to society then make the startling discovery that they are being hunted my a man eating bear. They are forced to use their cunning and willingness to survive in order to return to society. Will they be able to survive being pushed to the edge.

Bob (Alec Baldwin) and Charles (Anthony Hopkins)

My Thoughts

What do I enjoy about this film?? EVERYTHING I love everything about the Edge.When I was in college and trying to get my roommates to watch this movie to see how great it is I’d stick laminated pictures of it in presses, on windows, in the shower there was one in the fridge, I got a little obsessed in fairness but I mean they watched it with me so, persistence. From start to finish with this film I am in. The characters are fantastic the story is amazing the bear is terrifying and the twists and turns are unbelievable. Where to even begin with this. First of all Hopkins and Baldwin are a great pair and bounce so well off of each other in their scenes. They are really chewing up the scenery and going for it and it’s such a great take on the man V wild genre.

Right from the start we get a feeling of the characters and their relationship to one another. Charles and Bob are faced with the perilous task of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness with an injured Stephen who was part of their crew during the plane crash. They also have to deal with Bart the Bear who’s “A man eater” and on their trail and one step ahead of them all the time. Bart the bear is knocking them off logs into rivers he’s chasing them, he’s eating people he’s screaming he’s standing up looking about 10 ft tall when he comfronts them oh my god this movie is just so much fun to watch.

Bob and Charles set a trap to get food

During the Edge we see Bob’s resentment and confusion around Charles grow with each passing scene. Charles is level headed and begins to plan how they are going to walk out of this situation and back to civilization. With his rausing speeches, his logic and level-headed attitude Charles truly is the best person to have in this type of situation. Bob doesn’t see it this way at all, He resents Charles, he wants his money, his power, his respect and even his wife. Bob’s an asshole in this film to be honest but Baldwin plays him in such an enjoyable and even likeable manner that adds to the whole feel of the film.

Most people lost in the wild, they die of shame – Charles Morse

The edge is an exciting and fun film to watch from start to finish. It’s one of those films with a good script but the acting from Hopkins and Baldwin elevate the film and it seems like a parody almost at times of the man vs wild genre which is very clever and although some parts of the film are a little bit over the top and slightly outrageous it’s a great film to watch on a rainy day or late at night for some fun action and one particulary great speech by Hopkins.

Anthony Hopkins makes the character of Charles Morse feel like a real person and has the audience rooting for him

The speech delivered by Hopkins to Baldwin in the film is nothing short of brilliant. Charles realises that they must fight and kill the bear if they intend on survival. The back and forth between the two, the powerful delivery by Hopkins and the build up makes me want to be there with him prepping for the fight of their lives.

Maybe this is a guy film I don’t know but whatever it is about the Edge that I keep going back to I find it to be such an enjoyable and entertaining film. There’s a simple premise and the actors are great in it. It’s pretty simple storytelling and well written by the great David Manet.

So if your looking for a good film about survival and man eating bears well look no further that the Edge my friends.

what one man can do another can do”

-Charles Morse