#16 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 2

Episode 2 picks up after the explosive ending of the premiere episode. Ray’s talking with his therapist about his mother when she was dying of cancer and how he and his siblings buy mostly him took care of her. This is a shocking story and shows how Ray had to grow up and start to care for people and take charge at the age of 10. Ray’s mother calls him to her room and she’s in pain and suffering, she asks him to get into the bed with her and shortly after she “pissed herself” Ray goes downstairs and sees Mickey for the first time in over a month and he’s taking money from the cookie jar with her life’s savings.

This story while shocking and horrible it’s not surprising to hear what Mickey did, he’s got a history of being an asshole.

Ray picks up Mickey’s belongings from the prison and no body has been found in the bus crash explosion. Already there’s no proof mickey’s dead so okay mickey’s alive now when is he going to show up. But no, Darryl and Bunchy are picking out an urn and eternal flame to remember Mick. Ray’s losing it a bit in this episode. He’s not fully in control like he usually tries to be.

Daryl and Bunchy trying to figure out how to Bury mick with no body found after the crash

Ray’s got to continue to get ahead of the police investigation going on, he’s working on an alibi for the night of the murders. He’s giving money to Sean’s widow to help with the cover up, he’s beating stalkers to a pulp on the street and getting more and more drunk as the day continues. Ray’s struggling to cope with Mickey’s death to say the least. He’s not the only Donovan struggling with it either because Bunchy stops an armed robbery where he works by approaching one of the three armed robbers, disarms him, shoots one guy and gets the other two to surrender. I always enjoy watching Bunchy kicking ass, it’s a nice change of pace to be honest. Poor Bunchy’s always getting a bad go of it.

As always this show is brilliant with setting up storylines, choices made, clues and ramifications of what may happen down the line in this season.

This episode mainly focuses on Ray and how he’s dealing with the dramatic and sudden change to his life. Mickey’s finally dead. Ray wants to not give a shit but its taking its toll on him. Maybe without Mick there to hate Ray doesn’t know what to do with himself. Maybe he just misses his dad or that his last words to him were “fuck you”.

The episode comes to a close in Ray’s apartment where the family is meeting to share stories about Mickey. Well most of the family is there but no sign of Connor, no call to tell him about Mick no reference to him at all it’s so strange that Bridget is such a well rounded and continuously developed character and Connor is an after thought on the show it seems.

Ray stumbles his way out of the elevator and sees everyone telling stories about the dearly departed Mickey Donovan and quickly pours himself another drink. Ray retells the story from the first scene and tells some jokes about Mick that Bunch, Terry and Daryl laugh at with him and it’s funny and a little heart breaking but overall a good way to remember the flawed Mickey. Ray just about holds his tears back as he raises a glass to toast Mick when he’s interrupted by a knock on the door.

Okay, who’s at the door

I swear if Mickey’s at this fucking door

“Hey Ray Ray”

What the fuck, how did he survive that explosion how’s he here what the hell. I mean okay no body found yeah mickey’s going to be alive but it’s still a great turn to have Mick crash his own memorial party, the day after his so called death

Ray doesn’t speak

He looks at Mick for a few seconds, then boom he just punches him square in the face

Cut to black

Episode 2 over, I have to wait a week now to see what happened and what it means that Mickey’s alive and the world thinks he’s dead. I need answers and I can’t wait til next weeks episode.

Roll on episode 3