#17 – My favorite 10 television shows

These may not necessarily be what everyone thinks to be the best list of shows ever but it’s a list of my favourite shows of all time. Rewatchability is a major factor in what I look for in a show. As well as interesting characters, comedy, creative and clever writing as well as memorable and loveable characters.

10 The US Office

The US Office ran from 2005 until 2013. The show is an American remake of the UK office and over it’s 9 season run it proved to be even bigger, better and funnier than the original. The mocumentary style the show is shot in follows an average American office over the course of a decade. From Dwight’s failed fire evacuation plan being one of the most chaoticaly hilarious scenes to Michael and Jan’s cringy dinner party. The office is at its best with Jim’s pranks on Dwight to Jim and Pam’s office romance. Michael Scott runs the best paper selling office in Scranton despite his what seems to be endless stupidity. The Office is even better on rewatch with more background jokes and hidden Easter eggs to be found.

9 Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation follows Leslie Knope and her team who work in the Pawnee parks department. Similar to the office in its mocumentary style. Leslie in the tenacious and unstoppable force that keeps this weird and wonderful group of people together. The show follows the group through fighting politicians and backward thinking in the over the top insane Pawnee residents. The characters are so loveable but not you Tom Haverford and are great to watch. Chris Pratt honestly steals the show whenever he’s on the screen whether he’s singing with mouse rat or being an FBI agent Bert Macklin or Johnny Karate on his kids show. Endlessly rewatchable, unbelievably funny and heart felt Parks and Rec always has me coming back for more

8 Family Guy

Cut away gags, politically incorrect and always over the top and outrageous. Family guy is great in it’s use if cartoon characters to get away with preposterous and unbelievable content. Seth MacFarlane is amazing here from creating the show to voicing most of the characters and his voice and comedic style is on display in every episode. The first 6 or 7 seasons are the best, the ideas seemed so fresh and original which has slightly tapered off in later seasons but they still pack a punch. From Peter fighting the chicken, the Stewie and Brian stand alone adventure episodes, to Peter making his own country, taking on Censorship on television to their amazing recreations of the original Star Wars trilogy with Family guy’s characters on the roles.

7 Brooklyn Nine Nine


Brooklyn Nine Nine is such a hilarious take on the procedural cop show. It follows Andy Sambergs Detective Jake Peralta and the 99th precinct. The cast of characters is unbelievably funny and the cold opens on the show are always so brilliant and often the best and funniest clips from the show. Going undercover, on the run, solving cases, the pontiac bandit the office fun, Brooklyn nine nine is one of the greatest comedy shows ever and one of the best still on air.

6 The Simpsons

For over 30 years we’ve all been watching the Simpsons. What’s left to say about the show that hasn’t already been said. From iconic episodes such as Mr. Plow, The Monorail, who shot Mr. Burns. The Simpsons TreeHouse of Horror episodes are always fun. The writing is so clever and hilarious particularly in the first 8 seasons. The characters are instantly recognisable from the Simpsons family to the townspeople of Springfield. Hank Scorpio still to this day remains one of the greatest one off characters of all time as Homer’s Bond villain esque villain. The Simpsons the Simpsons is both the longest running Prime time comedy show as well as the longest running animated show in television history.

5 Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is an excellent Showtime series that follows the titular character as he fights, drinks and fixes problems for the Hollywood elite while trying to manage and cope with his family issues. From their violent past in Boston to his father being released from prison and try reconnect with his family. RAY Donovan is as slick, cool and excellently produced show. Season 7 is just airing now and it does now appear to be slowing down. Definitely one to watch!

4 X Files

The truth is out there

Aliens, conspiracies, government cover ups, monsters, comedy, heart, fun, scares and the most recognisable theme song of all time. The X Files is a classic with unbelievable monster of the week episodes and overarching stories. Sure some of the later seasons I’m looking at you season 9 are not the best but the X files is a 90’s classic that’s so enjoyable to watch.

I want to believe

3 Californication

From 2007 until 2014 the world was gifted the man known as Hank Moody. Hank drinks, fucks and fights his way around LA and he occasionally writes. Hank’s always chasing his one and only his Karen and daughter Becca.

Californication is the best drama / Comedy ever put to television. The comedic highs to the dramatic lows this show can have you splitting your sides one minute and tugging on your heart strings moments later. The show has lots of sex, drugs and Hanks devil may care attitude is very fun to watch, it offers wish fulfilment for how you want to live your life. At the heart of Californication is a love story between Hank and Karen who can’t seem to escape each other and are destined to be together. At its core it’s a story of love’s triumph over all the shit the world throws at you. Definitely needs to be watched “mothafuckaaaa

2 Breaking Bad

The epic story of Walter White and how he broke bad to become meth kingpin Heisenberg. Walt goes from high school chemistry teacher to the largest meth distributor in America. Breaking bad follows Walt on his journey to becoming a crystal meth kingpin with former chemistry student Jessie Pinkman. From keeping his secret from his wife, family and DEA brother in law who’s hot on Heisenberg’s trail. Breaking bad is perhaps the greatest character study on the limits a man will go to when he sees no other option. Walt transforms from mild mannered and generally unsuccessful in his professional life to a dangerous and destructive meth Kingpin. One of the greatest shows ever to binge watch as the episodes roll into each other and you can’t get enough.

I’m just thankful the spin off film and television series lived up to the perfection that was breaking bad.

Honourable Mentions

Game of Thrones


Lethal Weapon

Arrested Development

True Detective

1 The Sopranos

The greatest show ever! Simple as

The Sopranos follows Tony Soprano, Mob boss of a New Jersey crime family. The show chronicles Tony’s family life with his wife, 2 children to his gangster father and just as dangerous mother. Tony’s uncle Junior is also involved in organised crime which leads to them clashing at times. Tony’s in therapy from episode 1 scene 1 and he’s trying to find balance, meaning and strategies to deal with his family and crime family.

The Sopranos is an epic modern day classic. The show is the finest show with the ultimate character development. The shocking choices, murders and acts done by these characters that we root for and at times want to see succeed. We’re often so fond of these characters and enjoy seeing them on screen yet we see them commit the most heinous and violent acts that at times have comedic moments to them. The writing, acting, direction and care put into this show puts it on the level of the godfather and Goodfellas of the world. Each episode could be watched in isolation and tell a story. With the iconic intro to the show to the situations and realness that jumps out of the screen it has to be watched by all.

James Gandolfini gives the performance of a lifetime. He is Tony Soprano pure and simple. He feels so real, so relatable and empathetic which places us in a slight predicament when he has to make choices to ruin people’s lives or even end them, from friends to relatives Tony has proven to be ruthless when needed to be.

With a prequel film set for release in 2020 I am very excited to see more Sopranos. That being said I’m cautiously optimistic for it because the show is perfection