#20 – Knives Out Review

Directed by: Rian Johnson

Starring: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette & Ana De Armas

The Story

In Rian Johnson’s star studded whodunit we get one of the most interesting and unusual of stories. The last of the Detective sleuths arrives at the home of a mystery novelist to investigate his death. In his attempts to unravel the truth he interviews the deceased family members. Over the course of the film and through red herrings and the families self serving lies and version’s of the truth he seeks to get to the bottom of this murder mystery.

My Thoughts *Spoilers *

I loved it. Really enjoyed the film and the entire cast was used very well. Right from the opening scene with the dogs moving slowly through the manner in the fog outside the manner it felt like one of those classical murder mystery films and I was so excited.

Christopher Plummer’s character of legendary mystery writer Harlan Thromby has died in an apparent suicide that has some unusual circumstances surrounding it. Enter Detective Benoit Blanc. Daniel Craig is great with the southern accent I mean it’s a bit goofy and I loved it. Benoit Blanc sits at the piano in the background during the interviews with all the family members. He’s observing the family and getting their vibe and the interviews are brilliant and really capture the characters personality and potential motives.

Ana De armas is great in this film too. She’s basically in every scene of the movie and so integral to the movie’s plot. How she pukes whenever she lies is such a murder mystery character trait that yeah it’s a little goofy too but it’s used so perfectly.

We get to see the potential motives and the death of Harlan. Was it an accident and who’s to blame is still up for debate until we get a great flask back to Chris evan’s character ransom. How he swapped out his grandfather’s medication to orchestrate his death. The twists and turns during the course of the movie are so cleverly thought through and it’s an enjoyable film that I can’t wait to revisit.

In the end all is revealed and the tables are turned with Ana De Armas character Marta being left the Thornby fortune. The ending was so satisfying just to see this rich and often insulting and at times pompous family being written out of the will that they so desperately saught.

I’m looking forward to rewatching the film and viewing it now knowing the ending and what to watch out for.