#19 – What to do on my day off

I’ve no fucking clue most days I’m off what to do. Between 12 and 24 hour shifts at work when I’m off I usually don’t want to do a thing. Then I feel guilty for not doing anything. Damned if ya do damned if ya don’t I guess. I was off yesterday and it was the usual. Slept in, didn’t hear my girlfriend leave for work at half 7 so I woke at about half 10. Reached for my phone and that has me for an hour easy. Maybe I go to the bathroom but I scroll Instagram for the usual shit, Facebook see what I’m tagged in, usually a meme or two nothing life changing. Check twitter, Snapchat, YouTube for some random conspiracy theory or movie related thing of some sort. Mr sunday movies is always exciting when I get that notification for a new video.

When it’s a slow day I check my LinkedIn account and go onto jobs.ie or Indeed see can I find a new job. It’s not been successful yet but what ya goanna do. Persistence or character building I guess one of them clichés anyway.

Okay it’s midday Ian time to get up. Okay half an hour because there’s some stuff on Netflix that won’t watch itself. Oh shit! The irishman is out today nice! I’ve watched it at the start of the month but fuck it certainly beats reruns of friends again that’s for sure. I move downstairs and the TV gets set up, my hotspots on, Netflix is going we have lift off. The couch takes me now, that’s my throne for the next 3 and a half hours. What a couch I might add its no shorter than 10ft in length and I love it. Perfect for watching TV or kick back and listen to some music and enjoy it on my own. That’s always nice. My own private concert yes yes sir I am in, thank you kindly get that speaker goin.

So the irishman starts and I am in. We got the De Niro the Pesci and the Pacino and oh you betcha Scorsese behind the camera, the best and most consistent goddamn director of all time. Fact. The hill I die on right there. Anyway I’m into the film, I wanna see Hoffa and Sheeran and Bufalino all entangled in their mafia Web of murder, deceit and friendship too. What’s not to love.

So I have a few coffees and a bag of wheelies. It’s the simple things really. Almost 4pm now excellent excellent Eva’s home soon she’ll have a plan. I’m tired now for some reason, that movie really took it out of me I guess. Eva’s home! She tells me all about her day and as per usual it’s been an eventful day and hell yeah I wanna hear it all because I didn’t even leave the house today. So she’s tired and I am too. We throw on some unsolved conspiracies on YouTube and think.


We’ll get a pizza

That’s what we need. So I get out the phone oh boi just eat here we come the usual we get a 16inch pizza some cajun chicken, donner meat, Jalapeños we’re feeling brave, some Peppers and onion too. Why not go wild big Wednesday night here. Yupp we’ll need drinks to wash down our tasty pizza so we’re gettin cokes, Fanta some 7up oh it’s all coming together now.

Get it at 6:30 in the evening, perfect time for dinner

Eat it


BOOM 9pm

What the fuck happened to the evening. Sleepy people and a large pizza and a warm house ohhh what a lethal combination that is right there.

More conspiracies and some music later alright it’s half 10 fuck it let’s go to bed.

Bed. Sleep. Wake up work home from work at 11pm bed and repeat.

I gotta start climbing mountains or skydiving in my spare time before I seize up and turn into some unrecognisable version of myself.

That being said what’s better that wasting a winters day at home eating good food and being carefree.

It’s important to spend time doing nothing I guess isn’t it. Goddamn that sounds good in my head right now. Let’s hope it isn’t too douchy on the page here. Anyways that was my Wednesday November 27th 2019. Pretty good all round despite my moaning.

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