#23 – Forgotten Comedy Gems

Just a short list of some of the funniest and forgotten Comedy films ever made. Some of these films have gained a cult following or even large fan base but didn’t do so great on their initial release. Either way these comedies are some of my favourite films I’ve ever seen and are so endlessly quoteable

The Nice Guys is a hilarious 70’s set Detective tale told from an action / comedy stand point. The nice guys is an epic story with some of the funniest stories and situations I’ve seen in years. Endlessly rewatchable and wittier with each viewing

Macgruber is an over the top and bursting at the seams comedy with quotable lines and scenes that are so outrageous and hilarious. Definitely a must see by any fans of action movies and enjoy a genius take on the genre.

Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell are a Detective duo.

Yeah that’s enough to get me to watch it but the film has an amazing cast from Samuel L Jackson and The Rock to Michael Keaton , Steve Coogan and Eva Mendes. So over the top and insane this comedy is so clever and so quotable too it’s one of the funniest films of the last decade. “I’m a peacock captain you gotta let me fly“.

I mean Andy Samberg is a stuntman with a bicycle that has an engine strapped onto it. Enough said!

Shane Black is back on the list again this is the film he made before the nice guys. Kiss kiss bang bang is almost done like a blueprint for the nice guys. The buddy cop feel between Robert Downey Jr. And Val Kilmer is unbelievable. The fact that this or the nice guys hasn’t gotten a sequel is such a wasted opportunity for pure comedic gold.

What we do in the shadows is a documentary style film from Taika Waititi. The film follows the tale of vampires who are housemates and their struggle in living in the modern world. Such an epic and funny gem that doesn’t get enough praise.

Little bit of a guilty pleasure this one but Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is such a funny take on the college students being hunted by hillbillies with the roles being reversed. Such a clever film that’s packed full of laughs and a great use of a wood chipper that I’ll never forget

Another Andy Samberg film that’s so underrated. Popstar never stop never stopping is a documentary style film that follows conner4real played by Samberg and his insane celebrity lifestyle. Conner has to deal with so many problems and trappings of being one of the most famous artists in the world and Popstar is a hilarious film with barely a minute you aren’t laughing watching it