#24 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 3

This week’s episode starts on a sombre note. Mick’s back from the dead and recovering from the explosion he was in and the punch Ray gave him when he saw him standing in the doorway. Ray’s trying to pin the blame now on Mick for the cop murders in last season and get him out of the picture as swiftly as possible. We’ve seen this before, so Best of luck with that Ray. Mickey tags along with Ray to plant evidence that will implicate Mickey in the murders, make him the main suspect and take away the suspicion from Ray and his family. With Mickey being officially deceased that should wrap things up nicely. Of course Mickey doesn’t want to go and he’s trying to Tell Ray how he escaped and got away with his life but Ray doesn’t give a shit. Can’t blame him to be honest Mickey is a great character and integral part of the show but goddamn what a piece of shit he is to his family. Always the problem Mickey Donovan.

Daryl is trying to make his alibi match up and stick with What Ray told the Detective on the case. Claudette is in town to see Daryl for Mickey’s funeral. She isn’t landed long when she discovers the truth about Mickey still being in the land of the living.

Mickey’s back

Ray’s getting it from all sides in this episode. In most episodes actually he’s always got his back to the wall. Ray’s barely over trying to grieve his thought to be dead father, discover he’s alive, set him up for the murders, maintain alibi’s and have a crisis of faith with the Sullivans and what he should do with the photograph he has that is sure to ruin the reputation of Kevin Sullivan. He’s caught in a compromising position to say the least. Molly Sullivan then reaches out to Ray’s humanity and reminds Ray that his sister was her babysitter, she gives him a photograph of the two of them and tell his sister Bridget said he was the best person she knew.

During Ray’s therapy session he doesn’t want to talk. He hasn’t anything to say except about his sister Bridget. You see him smile. A genuine smile when he fondly remembers something from his childhood. Ray and his sister reading books together about veterinarians in England. Ray Donovan is such a dark and intense show that these few and far between bright and beautiful moments always ring through and I felt the emotion and expressions on his face. Ray loved his sister, he named his daughter after her. Before his mother’s cancer and all of mickey’s shit Ray said he wanted to be a veteranarian. He wanted to help animals. Dr. Arthur simply replies or help people? It’s this moment Ray decides to give the photo to Molly but Ray’s always appeared to me as a boy who had to become a man at such a young age that his stoic and quiet nature comes down to what he went through and had to go through.

Ray Donovan is one of the finest characters put on the screen. Bunchy rings Ray after his failed attempt to get a raise after his shooting in the store he works in. Bunchy asks why Ray didn’t stand trial with him and face all those priests. So often I forget just all Ray and Bunch went through. Ray and Bunchy bring Mick to the airport and send him off to the Maldives but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Mick.

Bridget is still having an affair and becoming more and more like her father each episode

Where the FUCK in Conor Donovan!?! Dude get back to your family I mean your in the military and I get it but come on Conor.

Terry is gone to meet a shamen and hopefully get more alternative treatments to his parkinson’s disease. Now that his medication was thrown away here’s hoping Terry.

We knew Lena was ready to go last episode but when she said bye to Ray and got ready to leave it felt real. We might not see Lena again and she’s always been on of the most bad ass and smartest characters on the show. I wished Ray shook her hand or hugged her but classic Ray Donovan fashion he says or does nothing in the moment. Ray’s almost done with fixing everyone’s problems anyway.

The final shot of episode 3 shows Ray in his empty office and he’s looking at the picture of Bridget and Molly back in Boston. Camera pulls away and there’s just Ray.

Fuck I hope Ray gets a chance to be a veterinarian someday……