#27 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode episode 5

Episode 5 directed by Co-star Dash Mihok was one of the shows finest episodes. We pick up with Ray watching Molly as she sleeps and he’s planning on his usual exit when Molly actually calls him on his shit. She’s growing on me so much what a great addition to the show and to Ray’s life.

When Ray heads out he sees Molly’s father Jim Sullivan who Ray used to work for sitting on an armchair. The two say a few words, well mostly Jim talks at Ray. He’s a very direct person as we find out during the episode. Jim mainly wants to see that the photo of his son has been disposed of and attempt to put Ray in his place.

Jim Sullivan makes his entrance to the show

Mickey, Daryll and Sandy are going through who’s alive from an old heist that Mickey took the fall for. The only problem is almost 50 years later the two people remaining to interrogate are close to death and the second man is senile. Plenty of dark, intense and somehow comedic scenes ensue over the course of the episode. It all starts out simple enough with Mick questioning then things escolate to waterboarding, Kidnapping and torturing. Mickey really does know how to fuck things up.

Sticking to the crazy side of things this episode enter Declan Sullivan who seems like a man with a chip on his shoulder and a temper. His loving father eludes to some psychotic tendencies in a not so subtle way. I’m looking forward to the inevitable confrontation between him and Ray.

Declan Sullivan

In an episode packed with amazing moments we see Smitty take a bat to Adam Rain and seeing him get the anger out of his system a little was a release. On the other hand Bridget hasn’t helped in how he’s dealing with things. She seems upset when he cries after she confesses cheating on him and wants Smitty to him her or shout at her or something. When she bails him out of jail she gets a taste of what she asked for when he tells her to fuck off. Here’s hoping Bridget can somehow handle this before things explode even more.

Best moments of the episode were hands down Ray checking up on Terry. Alan Alda is brilliant as Ray’s therapist and as he discussed his parkinson’s and Ray moving on to another therapist when he passes reminds Ray of his own brother. I like seeing Ray fix important things even if its as simple as getting Terry some food and his prescription. Ray and Terry spending the day together was fantastic to see. The chemistry and genuine respect and no bullshit way the two brothers treat each other is unbelievable to watch. The pair are so natural together. Each time they say fuck off to each other it’s become a term of endearment for the Donovan’s at this stage. Their roller-coaster ride was hilarious and they’re laughing, they’re smiling goddamn the Donovan’s finally get to have some fun together. The pair talk so openly about Ray’s therapy and Terry’s parkinson’s and back to Ray’s abuse always with a slight comedic undertone and awkwardness shared amongst brothers.

Terry and Ray had a day of leisure. It still involved a fight, murder and car theft all the same

Dash Mihok directed one of the best episodes and has his own character Bunchy wearing hillary Clinton and Donald trump masks as he commits armed robbery to the chain of pharmacies he was let go from. After he found out that their store policy is not get involved in a robbery that’s all the motivation he needs to go out and get money for the kid he shot during the robbery he stopped. $17’000 later he shows up to the boys mother and tries to get him into a different hospital to get the best care possible. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to Rob anymore to pay these hospital bills.


If anyone fucks up Ray and Molly’s relationship I swear to god I’m going to be so pissed off. The episode ends with the two meeting up for a date and being a very sweet and little bit awkward couple.