#26 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 4

Episode 4 picks up where we left Ray drinking alone in his office. Shortly after Ray gets raided by the police and they take his car the following morning. Smitty comes to the office and asks Ray’s advice on sex and marriage which is a hilarious scene. This episode actually has some fantastic moments with Smitty. He’s such a loveable character and the stuff with him and Ray is brilliant.

Ray’s taking the subway and cabs this week which is a slight change from his Mercedes.

Terry is still at the cult style resort upstate and he gets to meet the shaman and is underwhelmed to put it mildly. Terry is shaken in this episode and his parkinson’s has been getting worse as the days go by. It didn’t help having his meds being thrown away. Terry in a very understated and sad moment leaves the commune and goes to the lake nearby. One of the elderly women there sees him before he leaves and she decides to follow him. Terry puts rocks in his pockets and starts to walk into the lake. Before he gets too far in, this woman talks to Terry and they talk about their lives and the commune. Luckily Terry decides against suicide.

The episode being titled Hispes was hilarious too. Smitty is quickly becoming a favourite of mine on the show. If only they worked on Conor’s character a bit more the way the show has developed smitty. The popstar Jonathan Walker Hanson has found out he’s got the herps. He got herpies and he’s trapped in the recording studio until Bridget acts as Ray the fixer and handles the situation. Bridget uses smitty as a double for Hanson and gets in front of the pr shit storm.

Bridget’s becoming a lot like Ray these days. Starting with the affairs and fixing herself. I’m sure when smitty finds out about her affair with Hanson’s producer Adam Rain he’s gotta be pissed off.

Bunchy is struggling after the shooting in the drug store he works at. Bunch hears the kid he shot is in critical condition and he goes to visit and the boys mother loses it when she sees him. Bunchy then gets invited to a meeting by the security guard at the hospital and it seems way way too close to a klan meeting.

Ray’s got a girlfriend. Goddamn it I love Abby and miss her on the show but Ray seems to genuinely like being around Molly Sullivan. I like her and Ray having something good in his life potentially is a welcomed change of pace for him.

Each episode is as slick and well paced as per usual. I want to see what happens and binge watching this show is the best I just might restart is from the beginning soon.

Bring Lena back too I miss her. One of the most bad ass characters on television hands down.

Roll on episode 5