#32 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 6 Review

Episode 6 we pick up at the end of Ray and Molly’s date and they’re coming into Ray’s apartment and they’re in a hurry, safe to presume their date went very well. Ray puts Molly onto his bed right on top of Bridget who they didn’t see sleeping there. They have their introductions and molly steps out. Bridget asks Ray what he did after he had an affair and she tells him about her affair with Adam Rain and tells her she needs to fix this herself. Bunchy comes in and confesses to Ray about the robberies he committed and explains the situation with paying for the surgery. Ray offers Bunchy a job with him and Bridget tells Molly not to come near the Donovan family for her own sake.

Ray and Molly go to her apartment where its “quieter” only to be confronted by her father who has some questions for Ray about Mickey and the murders that just happened after Mick died. There’s a lot of awkward and tenuous family dynamics that the show is famous for now on full display throughout the episode.

Ray Donovan as a series is continues to grow and develop through its storylines and characters motivations. Series 7 continues to keep me hooked and interested and wishing I could spent a full day binge watching Liev Schreiber kicking ass as Ray.

Ray is tracking down Mickey, Sandy and Daryl

With Smitty being taken away and questioned by Detective Perry, Mickey getting closer to the truth of the botched robbery and Ray closing in on Mickey, Sandy and Daryl there’s certainly a lot of stories beginning to culminate.

There’s so much tension remaining between Smitty and Bridget over her affair with Adam Rain. Smitty took a baseball bat to him and his car and Bridget asked Adam to drop the charges against Smitty. Terry reminds Smitty that he isn’t divorcing her and she’s not leaving him either. Terry is so blunt and honest with everyone he’s brilliant to watch.

This series has been hit after hit with each episode moving all of the stories and characters arcs forward in an interesting and exciting way.

One of my favourite parts of the episode was when Bunchy started working for Ray. He shows up at Ray’s office in a suit trying to look like Ray. I fucking love Bunchy he’s just always trying to do the best he can but usually fucks it all up. Ray clearly forgot he even said it to Bunchy to work for him but I’m hoping it carries on for a few more episodes at least. Even though the kid Bunchy shot died from an infection and he doesn’t need the money anymore. I’m hoping that Bunchy doesn’t go too far off the rails with that news.

The finale of the episode where Ray’s following Mick from a nightclub and being jumped by Daryl. The two share some choice words and Daryl gets out some shit he’s been keeping in for years. He always wanted to be a Donovan and hasn’t felt accepted and honestly part of me wants him to go back to LA and take a job with for step father. Daryl ends up cracking a bottle over Ray’s head before we cut to black to find out next week. With so many unanswered questions I can’t wait to see what happens next time.

Where’s Conor Donovan?!? Seriously what’s going on here.