#33 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 7 Review

Season 7 Continues to up the ante for tension, action and character development with this episode. Directed excellently by Kyra Sedgwick with unbelievable use of flashbacks and present day.

This episode featured heavily with flashbacks of Ray, Mickey and Jim Sullivan back in the 1970’s. For a show that hasn’t used many flashbacks It felt reminiscent of the Sopranos flashbacks of Tony and his father. We’ve heard so much over the years about Mickey and how he was in the past and current day he isn’t doing great either. The actor cast as Mickey played it perfectly and really embodied the character I felt like it was close enough to Jon Voight that it did the show justice.

Mickey Donovan – 1970’s

The scenes with a young Ray and his dying mother and all he’s going through is heartbreaking. This is around the time he was sexually assaulted by their local priest and with Mickey stealing his dying wife’s money to pay his debts is horrible to see. Ray really didn’t have a childhood and he’s so relatable and humanised through these flashback scenes. I felt a lot of empathy for Ray and seeing him growing up far too young and knowing where its all leading is heartbreaking.

Mickey contemplates before he raids the cookie jar for cash

Ray’s still on the hunt for Mick in this episode. He’s trying to recover or at least wipe off some of the blood on himself from his fight the night before with Daryl. Ray contacts Molly to help track down Mick and her own father who Mickey requested a meeting with. Molly really begins to see the darker side and more violent tendencies he’s willing to display to get done what he has to.

Ray Donovan
Ray’s trying to track down Mickey before he does more damage

There’s tension again with Ray and Sandy as he’s charging her credit card for rounds of drinks and their confrontation finally happens when Ray sets a fire in Sandy’s House.

Daryl and Mickey get what they want from Jim Sullivan and the transfer agent has agreed to transfer 10% percent of the Sullivan fortune to Terence Donovan. That’s right Terence and Daryl is pissed off to say the least. I can understand where he’s coming from I mean he’s stood by Mick more than anyone and feels like he’s not getting the full respect or money for all he’s done with and for Mickey.

The transfer agent is leaving with 2 bodyguards when Molly tries to approach him and convince him and plead with him not to give these documents to the men who have kidnapped her father. When this doesn’t go exactly to plan Ray has to get into action and KO’s one guy and plunges the gearstick of his car into another guys leg. He’s about to pull the trigger on him when Molly shouts at him to stop. Terry then arrives, Ray goes after Mickey and Molly has seen what Ray’s capable of when he has to get something done.

Mickey negotiates with a gun to the head of Jim Sullivan for money he thinks he deserves

The episode culminates in the inevitable confrontation between Ray and Mickey in a Mexican standoff. Mick’s not been able to contact sandy or Daryl (who thought fuck it and drove off after he got the file from the transfer agent). Mickey has a gun to Jim Sullivan’s head and he tells Ray to move from the door and let him through. There’s so much tension bubbling between these two and like that Mickey’s gone again. Jim reminds Ray of the time he came to his bar with a knife looking to kill Mickey when he was a kid. He tells Ray he knew he had the look of someone who’d go through with it and wonders has he still the capability of doing it now.

The final shot zooms in on Ray’s face and then we cut back to when he’s a kid and cooking dinner for Bridget or Bunchy presumably. Mickey’s just out of jail and Ray doesn’t even stop or turn around to him. We see in his face that his father’s dead to him from this day on. It reminded me of a line in season 1 where he tells Mickey that “you’ve been dead to me since I was 10 years old Mick”. I’m unsure how this season is going to wrap up but I’ve got a nervous energy watching these last few episodes. Anything seems possible.