#37 – Bob Dylan wrote the best break up song ever

A classic rock song from 1975. Dylan’s song if you see her say hello is a song so moving and powerful that your heart can’t help but break a little as you listen to it.

Dylan sings with such emotion in his voice and his words really hit. The pain of the heartache he’s going through pack such a punch. A song full of love, regret and pain.

Dylan retraces their break up and chronicles what happened in the moment and the time that has passed. He can’t rid himself of this woman and as he says himself

I’ve never gotten used to it, I’ve just learned to turn it off. Either I’m too sensitive or else I’m gettin soft”.

Then enter Bob and harmonica to finish off. A song centred on love, life and loss sung by the legendary Bob Dylan. Any one of us who’s been through a break-up or even if you haven’t you feel a great sense of the emotions and situations you find yourself stuck with.

He can’t get rid of her from his mind, he wants to reach out and reconnect in some way with her. He tells people who may see her to tell her he’s not that hard to find, tell her she should look me up if she’s got the time”. There’s an overwhelming sense of loneliness and darkness that runs as a through line during the song. This however doesn’t take from it’s beauty as a song, if anything it lends itself to why the song is so powerful and heartbreaking at the same time.

I can’t recommend this song highly enough. Simple, poignant and beautiful.