#245- Bob Dylan live at Budokan is incredible!

Bob Dylan recorded his Budokan album in Nippon Budokan,Tokyo, Japan back in 1978 and is essentially a greatest hits album. Dylan sounds incredible on this live album. His voice is so crisp and he does some incredible versions of his great songs including; Shelter from the storm, Knockin on heaven's door, Simple twist of fate … Continue reading #245- Bob Dylan live at Budokan is incredible!

#221 – Vinyl collection update

The collection grows stronger as the months have passed us by. This time late year I was at the beginning stages of my collection. The early days of a new found obsession to collect more physical media. Five hundred or more DVD's, Blu ray and boxsets wasn't enough, Spotify wasn't enough at all and YouTube … Continue reading #221 – Vinyl collection update

#201- Mick Flannery & Susan O Neill blew the roof off of Dolan’s

It's Friday night, November 3rd and for the first time since July 2019 I was able to enjoy live music again. The last people I saw in concert were Bob Dylan and Neil Young so there was big expectations to live up to. I went to Dolan's and saw Mick Flannery performing with Susan O … Continue reading #201- Mick Flannery & Susan O Neill blew the roof off of Dolan’s

#191 – Spotify playlists

I've been listening to a lot of music and making playlists lately on Spotify in particular. I've been rediscovering some older playlists and friends music that they've compiled too. So in an attempt to broaden my music appreciation and catalogue of songs I listen to I'm going to link my Spotify account below. I've often … Continue reading #191 – Spotify playlists