#40 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 8 Review

This episode was good but slightly sagged compared to the last few episodes I mean I’m still all in, I’m ready to see what other twists and turns are ahead and on display at the minute. However this episode was just good and helped move characters and storylines ahead

Again we have some great flashbacks in this episode further showing us Ray as a teenager absolutely kicking ass what a great few scenes with our young Ray I’m almost certain we’ll see him again as the season goes on.

They’re planting seeds now that Jim Sullivan was involved with Bridget’s death when she committed suicide. I’m not fully sure exactly the role he played in her suicide but I’m very curious now and Ray’s going to get to the bottom of it and I don’t see it working out well for the Sullivans. Well hopefully Molly gets out okay potentially with Ray, I like Molly she has to stick around.

Ray and Smitty get a lot more screentime again in this episode. Ray finds smitty asleep in the office and Smitty more or less inserts himself in whatever Ray has to do and he’s questioning him and seemingly seeking advice from him around the murders with the police. I can see where he’s coming from but goddamn it is Smitty wearing a fucking wire this whole time. Smitty follows Ray into a house where he needs to erase video evidence of Darryl’s murder and cover his tracks for him. Smitty continues to chip away at Ray during the day and he confesses. What the fuck Ray, he’s so silent most of the time but confesses to a murder. Oh Smitty what the hell are you doing man I was loving your character.

Daryl you’re fucking everything up again. Daryl is being hunted now by Declan Sullivan. He approached Ray and asked him to get Daryl because if he goes after him it’s going to be much messier.

Daryl rings his girlfriend and asks for his passport and gun and to meet him at the motel he’s staying at. Declan follows her and because Bunchy is upstate with Terry he doesn’t follow Declan or even know he’s after Daryl. Anyway Declan and Daryl agree on giving back the documents and bonds for $2 million cash. At the meet Declan and a goon of his pull a gun on Daryl and his girlfriend, she shoots the goon with Declan and as they speed away she gets shot in the back of the head by Declan.

We later see Darly driving with the body, broken glass and blood in the car. Daryl is surely out for revenge now against the Sullivan. oh man I tell ya this is some Hatfield and McCoy family rivalry stuff going down here.

Ray sees the surveillance van at the end of the episode and goes back to his office and asks Smitty to take off his shirt. Ray wants to see the wire, Smitty shows him and Ray heads towards the van and he’s pissed all the way off. Goddamn it Smitty ya could’ve held it together man.

Ray KO’s one of the police officers and says to the Detective I’ll talk to ya. Is Ray going to set up someone or wear a wire to save his family. I mean he I’m sure he will he’s got information on almost everyone.

Ray keeps getting more and more tangled up each passing day at this stage it seems. Roll on episode 9