#44 – Ray Donovan season 7 episode 9 – Review

There’s a lot of wheels in motion in this episode. Mostly with set up for the final episode and probably my least favourite of the season so far but still enjoyable.

Ray’s just been arrested and has to turn the judge on Mayor Ferratti if he wants to avoid spending the rest of his and his families life in prison. Ray puts Bunchy to not so subtly follow and watch the judge and his wife to make him think the mayor is going against him. This all ends up with Ray blowing his car up before he gets in outside the courthouse. Ray uses his full ninja skills in this episode he’s planting bugs in the judges office and setting it up as if the mayor is behind it all, I love seeing how cerebral Ray can be when he needs to. Goddamn I fucking love this show I’d watch Liev Schreiber do anything he has such a great presence as Ray, he completely embodies the character similar to Gandolfini with Tony Soprano.

So Ray Ray has the judge, he gets him to the Detective and in her custody where she can interview him. We also get a great scene with Ray and Daryl. The tension between these two brothers is phenomenal. Their dynamic and how estranged they are I really felt for Daryl and despite pointing a gun at Ray most of the time I think he just wants Ray’s respect and to be seen as a brother to him. I think Daryl finally realised the truth about Mickey and what he’s like. Goddamn Mickey getting Smitty involved in his schemes in this episode too with setting a bank account up for Mick in his name.

Some more flashbacks that I’m enjoying we see some set up for Bridget and the events leading up to her death. I’m hoping that the finale pays off all this set up in the excellently crafted flashback scenes

Ultimately it was a good episode but I just found out it’s the penultimate episode and there’s only 10 episodes in this season and I was left wanting more in this episode.

I did really enjoy Terry’s interaction with Ray’s therapist played by Alan Alda. The two had some good corny dad jokes which I’m always down for and they had some good scenes in physical therapy for their parkinson’s disease.

The episode wrapped up with a team with machine guns shooting up where the judge was and Detectives interrogating him. The judge ran off into the woods persued by the armed team out to get him. Ray and the Detective set off into the woods after him and we cut to black.

I’m sure the season finale will close things up nicely for this season. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered and I’m excited to see what’s next in store for the Donovan’s. I’m particular I’m curious to see how Liev Schreiber adds his input as one of the writers for the final episode. He’s always great in front of and behind the screen. Roll on the season finale.