#43 – The Mandalorian S1 – Review

Created By : Jon Favreau

Written By: Jon Favreau, George Lucas, Rick Famuyiwa, Dave Filoni & Christopher L. Yost

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weather’s, Werner Herzog, Nick Nolte, Taika Waititi, Richard Ayoade, Bill Burr and Giancarlo Esposito

The Plot

A mandalorian is a bounty hunter from the planet Mandalore. They are the best trained and most lethal weapons in the Galaxy. We follow Mando a bounty hunter as he collects bounties for credits to help himself and his kind.

Mando collects a bounty where he must attain an asset for the last of the empire. Upon noticing the asset is what now is famously known as Baby Yoda he cannot leave him to be controlled by the empire. We follow the pair on their adventures as they go through the Galaxy from planet to planet to avoid detection.

We meet many new characters along the way. Following them through blaster fights and surrounded by untrustworthy people and creatures throughout. Mando and Baby Yoda are on the run during this Spaghetti Western style series.

My thoughts *Spoilers *

The tone and pace of each episode is perfect for what the creative team was going for. There’s a building intensity with each passing episode that you’re hoping culminates into a satisfying conclusion. I can confirm that the Mandalorian lives up to the hype.

The original theme song and soundtrack for the season was epicly captured and composed by Ludwig Goransson. He creates an atmosphere that let’s you know there will be plenty of tension, suspense and adventure ahead of us.

We follow Mando and he’s a quite enjoyable, relatable and empathetic character despite seeing his face in only one shot during the season finale. He’s a kick ass bounty hunter with some cool armor around him making him next to indestructible. He’s clearly skilled and equipped to deal with next to any situation put in front of him. However like the little scrappy terrier that is Indiana Jones before him our Mando takes a beating and gets his ass kicked around a bit too. Long gone is the day of the unstoppable action hero, I liked seeing him slipping and messing up every now and again you know he’s only human too after all. One of the most endearing characteristics of Mando is his affection for those select few he is close to in particular one Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is the real star, highlight and most unbelievable thing in the show. One of the greatest additions to pop culture in recent memory rocking up out of nowhere nearing the end of the decade what a way to cap off the 2010’s. Baby yoda is 50 years old but still at the infancy stage of his life. He’s clearly force sensitive and puts it to use at the right time as well as being able to force heal injuries so he comes in handy. He’s endlessly mischievous and like a toddler he just wants to explore, push buttons (literally, he loves pushing random buttons on the ship it’s hilarious) he just wants to be a part of the action and eat the occasional frog or two.

The comedic and sweet moments with Mando and Baby Yoda are unbelievable to watch. The fact that this little puppet makes me feel so much is outrageous. He’s just the best thing to happen to star wars since original recipe Yoda. Watching this unlikely duo go on adventures throughout the Galaxy and their bond and relationship grow from an asset in a job to a father son type relationship together.

We have Carl Weather’s playing Greef Carga a man who gives bounties to the Mandolorian. I mean having Apollo Creed himself giving out missions to Mando was so cool. Why isn’t Carl Weather’s in more things. Overall a likeable character through all tension that unfolds he comes out pretty clean on the other end.

Gina Carano shines as Cara Dune a bad ass soldier who survived in the Galactic Civil war and struggles with returning to regular society. She has some great scenes in the show in particular he’s interactions with Mando. She’s actually brilliant in this and really stands out. I haven’t seen Carano in much prior to this but she hits every single beat she’s going for whether it’s action, comedy or even the more dramatic and emotional scenes. Really cool character and more than capable of handling herself in a fight.

Nick Nolte is in the star wars Canon and part of the history. I repeat NICK NOLTE IS A PART OF STAR WARS NOW. It was so great to well hear more so than see Nick Nolte as he voiced a CGI character named Kuill an ugnaught (they’re just a species of alien, apparently). He was brilliant and such a good character to have around. He helps save the Mandalorian, assist with rebuilding his ship and even saves the life of baby Yoda by giving his own. Best line of the show goes to this guy too “I have spoken” everytime this guy says anything this is his line, absolute legend.

I really enjoyed the lore and mystery built up around the Mandolorian culture and their role in the future of the Galaxy.

Episode 6 was a good one with my much anticipated appearance of stand-up legend Bill Burr. He was good got some good jokes in and some action and fight scenes that were quite good. I want to see Bill Burr in more things. We also had a voice appearance by Richard Ayoade in this episode voicing a robot so you know that’s perfect casting for him right there. Essentially a prison break episode with twists, double crosses and plenty of action

The final episode had so much built up and ready to come to a head right from the opening moment. Giancarlo Esposito stars as an Emperial loyalist Mof Gideon who’s ready to kill the Mandalorian and his crew only yo be interrupted by a recently upgraded IG-11 bounty droid now a nursing droid for baby Yoda. Having IG-11 voiced by Taika Waititi was also a touch of genius, he’s pitch perfect in the part as well as helming the directors seat for the best episode of the show. This episode was full of energy, action, the force, battles and heartfelt scenes and emotional goodbyes.

The Mandolorian was an incredibly fun experience and a breath of fresh air to the star wars franchise. Adding new characters and interesting ideas I can’t wait to see what the following season shows us. Fingers crossed that they find a planet full of Yoda’s species on it.