#49 – “You Cannot outrun a bullet in a Motel room”

On the Joe Rogan experience #1419 – Joe Rogan sat down and had a 2 hour 40 minute talk with the man who has sat down with and convinced over 200 people to leave the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Daryl Davis is an American musician and Author. He is an activist, actor and band leader. Through his intervention, reasoning, conversations and even friendship he aided in over 200 people to give up the Klan and give him their robes and memorbelia.

Daryl shares many in depth stories on his meeting with members of the KKK, conversations he has had and experiences he has gone through from learning the meaning of racism as a ten year old boy. Having rocks thrown at him by adults in parades to being the first African American to write a book on the Klan.

Daryl Davis is a very well spoken and eloquent speaker. He offers an insightful and unique perspective on the issue of race and why and how people join the Ku Klux Klan.

Regardless of your opinion of Joe Rogan’s podcast or even podcasts in general this is a fantastic conversation to listen to. Daryl Davis is an extraordinary human being, his temperment and composure under almost impossible, unimaginable and tenuous situations he remained calm, present and appears to be in a state of equanimity.

What an inspiring person