#50 – Warren Zevon wrote the best love song ever

Artist – Warren Zevon

Album – The Envoy

Released – 1982

Play it as you read!

Warren Zevon is, was and always will be the greatest optimist entangled in the most pessimistic and dark sons of bitches to walk on this giant rock hurdling through space we all call home. A unique, weird and wonderful addition to the musical world that was taken too early from us. An enigma, wrapped in a ROCKnROLL legend wrapped up in a sandwich

De De De De De De De De De De De De

Don’t let nothin come between us

Warren Zevon can do no wrong and let nothing come between you is one of the most fun, free and fantastic goddamn bombastic songs I’ve ever heard. The subject matter is sensitive, sweet and genuinely endearing & beautiful song. With Warren’s STAMP all over it!

Right off the bat I’m in the zone, the funk busts it’s way out the speaker. Warren’s in high spirits and HOLY SHIT he’s humming and sounding like he’s simultaneously made it up on the spot and spent countless hours crafting this song. That’s the beauty of Warren

Got the licence, got the ring, got the blood test and everything”

The perfect song for a wedding if you ask me.

If this song doesn’t make you want to dance with or go find yourself a significant other to dance with and have fun, then I can be of no further assistance to you. There’s a sense of fun and freedom throughout.

Right at the end Zevon hits us with some beautiful truth as he usually does with his lyrics. Fuck, he was a lyrical genius…

I have advice for the young and old
If I may be so bold
When you find someone to have and hold
Don’t let nothing come between you
De de de de de de de de de de

Thanks Warren