#52 – Hey Big Boy drops just in time

St. Patrick’s day this year was cancelled worldwide and for damn good reason. So those of us who can are shacked up at home tyring not to be influenced too much by the likes of Jack Torrance. We pass the days with Netflix and a break from the news. This morning the latest special from stand up comedian and all round party MACHINE Bert Kreischer dropped on Netflix.

Hey Big Boy came out this morning and it did not dissapoint in the slightest. I saw Bert on the body shots world tour last year in Dublin and the way he worked, polished and added new material to this hour was a laugh right from the opening.

Bert’s back with his usual antics, stories, batshit and genius ideas. Bert’s mixing in his usual cringe stories from his life and work. We’re treated to stories about his wife, daughters and fathers newest craze which is doing a lot of weed and attempting to communicate with owls. I feel like a member of the family almost after hearing these stories and you will too, believe me when I saw he tells intimate and embarrassing stories that if it was my dad I’d be looking for a cash reward.

Hey Big Boy is a welcomed break from the outside world currently. It’s s always great to watch the Machine, he’s shirtless, he’s drinking and cracking us up right from the onset. My ribs are still sore from laughing and it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

I’m already excited for the next special from the one, the only Bert Kreischer, Brent Kristals, Burnt Chryslers, the most racist comedian working in the game today. Give em hell Bert

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