#51 – The last thing he wanted – review

This movie really is the last thing anyone wanted. I was so indecisive today with what I was watching. I got faded watching conspiracy theories and impractical jokers punishments on YouTube.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch and in its infinite wisdom Netflix recommend this film to me. WHY!?! Why me you bastards! Why did I waste 2 hours watching this boring and meandering mess. Anne hathaway is in every other scene of the film and somehow still manages to feel wasted. Ben affleck makes an appearance or cameo I guess I dno fuck this movie has negative goddamn energy. There’s no real tension, pulse or goddamn air of life and vitality on display here.

Willem defoe is pretty good in his role too, okay film you have me there. Satisfied.

Uhhhh….. Seriously though I wouldn’t even bother with this drama around a journalist, an arms deal and big story to uncover. It sounds like it has some potential on paper but it’s almost a made for TV movie that keeps slowly going on and on its remains barely crawling to the finish line.

I was never so relieved to see end credits. I’m glad I took a break 47 minutes in for food and YouTube for an hour. I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone and with a hilarious 7% on rotten tomatoes I doubt that anyone was clambering to see this gem of a film.

I did actually just watch uncut gems during the week and wow what a film.

Go watch that instead