#81 – Red Dead Redemption – The Western epic

Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 and follows the outlaw John Marston as he tries to get his family back by working with the government to take down his old crew of outlaws he ran with back in the day. These old days were recently explored in Red Dead Redemption 2 that came out a couple of years ago. So we’re the outlaw turned bounty hunter and follow him through small towns in America, in places like Armadillo and Thieves Landing looking a lot like Tombstone and Deadwood.

The missions are so engaging too you start off herding cattle, getting into gun fights, tracking down your former gang members and getting involved into Mexican revolutions too. If you want to be a hero of the West then you can go around and do good but you can also murder and steal your way through the game too as an outlaw.

The greatest achievement of this game is the way you are emersed into the world of the Wild West. Being set in the year 1911 we are in the final days of the west however it is still a world of lawlessness full of bandits, Thieves, cowboys and murder. With the modern world at the turn of the century we even see some cars and more modern weapons slowly coming into the more developed towns in the game.

The beautiful scenery of this game is always on full display

Hands down this is my favourite open world game, full of missions, side quests and activities to keep you playing long after the main story concludes. You feel as if you are part of a Clint Eastwood epic while you play. The characters are so well developed, flawed and oftentimes ruthless to continue their lives, it truly is dog eat dog where duels, bandits and animal attacks are a constant threat creating a sense of realness and a feeling of being on edge at all times, constantly watching over your shoulders.

There is so much to do outside of the main story in the game that are almost as entertaining if not more so than the main story missions such as;

  • Hunting
  • Poker
  • Duels
  • Bounty hunting
  • Creating Western outfits
  • Hunter challenges
  • Scavenger challenges
  • Survivalist challenges

My favourite of all of these is without a doubt hunting! The animals range from Deers, wolves, cougars, pumas, boars, buffalo’s and bears to name just a few. It’s even possible to hunt so many buffalo that they go extinct. The area of the map called tall trees is a stunning mountain and wooded area usually covered in snow it’s the best location for bears. In particular there is a cabin there where if you want to feel exhilarated, scared, excited and overcome with adrenaline you need to go there and find this place. Without even putting out bait you will find a bear, then BOOM another one comes then two more and on and on its one of the most intense gaming experiences of my life to hear that bear grunting, breathing and running at you as you try to take him down and skin him afterwards.

Very remeniscent of the Revenant

This game gets a 10/10 for endless entertainment and playability. I have completed this game at least 5 times over the years since it came out and in quarantine again I rediscovered the greatness of this game. It’s so goddamn fun I can’t say enough great things about this game. It has all the elements of the classic westerns such as the Good the bad and the ugly, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance kid, Unforgiven and Tombstone. Without a doubt it’s one of the greatest games of ALL TIME

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