#80 – Godfather part III – Coda the death of Michael Corleone

Today started well, I put on the godfather part I then part II had my tickets booked to see the re-edited version of Godfather III and on the big screen too. It’s been years since I had watched the films back to back and I was not disappointed. My favourite always has been II the sequel and prequel in the same film, seeing father and son at the same age and how their lives we’re so different is truly incredible.

So I had just finished part II and it’s time to go to the cinema, how much I’ve missed the cinema in 2020. Overall aside from the rearranged opening scene and some shots removed from the very end there isn’t anything new really here. I wasn’t disappointed with it actually I was so excited to watch one of these films in the cinema for the first time and wow was it worth it. The cinematography alone was worth the price of my ticket. I will say if you go into this expecting an entirely new version of the film you’ll be disappointed.

I’ve always felt that Godfather III got a harsh deal. People had impossible standards for it to live up to and unlike the 2 years between I & II there had now been a 16 year gap and each passing day the first 2 were held in higher regard, often referenced as 2 of the greatest films of all time.

What I enjoy about part III is Michael’s struggle to be a legitimate business man is essentially successful but has cost him his wife, health and family. The internal battle that is ongoing since he ordered the death of his brother Fredo is evident throughout the film. Michael truly is at times one of the most unfortunate and sympathetic character despite his violence acts and ordering the deaths of many.

The true highlight for me in III is Andy Garcia as Vincent Corleone. The bastard son of Sonny Corleone he really commands the screen and captures the hot headed nature of his father in many early scenes. He even sounds like him when he’s screaming at Joey Zaza in Michael’s office right before that ear biting incident. We see early on too that he’s capable of handling himself by outsmarting and murdering his would be assassins. With time spent with Michael though he appears to be a more balanced and cerebral person by the films finale. A lot of the best scenes in this film are with the entertaining and ambitious gangster that wishes to take control of the Corleone family.

So if you’re a godfather fan we’ll you’ve already seen this movie and unless you feel like watching it again with some slight alterations there’s no real need to rush out to see this. I preferred the end scene in the original film too honestly the cut away some scenes that made the ending feel more abrupt than necessary.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

4 thoughts on “#80 – Godfather part III – Coda the death of Michael Corleone

  1. Garcia is the beating heart of the film. A shame Duvall was pushed out via Pacino’s petulant salary demands. The original plan was for the movie to chronicle the tragic schism between Michael and Tom.

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    1. Oh yeah Garcia as Vincent was incredible. Such a shame Robert Duvall wasn’t back as Tom, you could really feel his abscense from the film


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