#83 – Godfather Xbox 360 – A game we can’t refuse

The Godfather game was released in 2006. In this game you play as a fictional character called Aldo Trapani. He is involved with the Corleone’s before, during and after the events of the Godfather I film.

At the start of the game Aldo’s father is murdered by a Corleone rival family. Don Vito Corleone tells a young Aldo to hold onto his anger until he is old enough to get his vengeance. When Aldo is an adult he begins to get involved with the Corleone’s as an associate and he works his way up by taking over rackets, bribing police and officials as well as helping the Corleone’s.

The graphics for this game are very dated by today’s standards that’s undeniable. Where this game stands out is with the actors giving their likeness (except Al Pacino, who gave his likeness to the Scarface game). The likes of James Caan, Robert Duvall and even Marlon Brando came to do voice acting work for this game. This game is actually the last acting work done by Marlon Brando.

Don Vito Corleone gives advice to a young Aldo

The way your character is placed into the story of the first film while being a little over the top at times is generally so fun and well done. You ride along to shoot paulie with Clemenza, the infamous “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” scene is great to be a part of.

Some of the more outrageous aspects include protecting the Don’s ambulance after he is shot and you drive through the streets while being shot at by rival mobsters and Fredo fires a Tommy gun out the window at them. While it doesn’t always make a lot of sense and obviously they add some game aspects that go against the tone of the film completely but it makes for fun gaming. I can see why Francis Ford Coppola was against this game and I do enjoy this game, not as much as the second one but it does take the serious tone and suspense of the first one and throw it into a mid 2000’s game.

The drawbacks for me were the graphics they’re a little janky and things like buying ammo, health and things you need regularly and far from each other and it’s not the easiest thing to do. You drive to one arms dealer who sells shotgun ammo then 4 blocks over handguns and another place for health and the other ammo, they really should have done an ammo shop where you buy everything at once.

Aldo takes over New York, one family at a time

You take over businesses, take on the families from the first film and rise through the ranks of the Corleone family. If you’re a godfather fan you’ll enjoy being part of the Godfather world but if you’re just looking for a fun game and you’re not a fan of the films I don’t know how much you’d enjoy this game.

The Godfather game has a lot of great aspects to it. The excellent voice work and world building in the game is impressive, especially for the time the game was released. The map is huge and there’s hours and hours of missions, favours and side quests to keep you entertained. You can customise your character, buy clothing, upgrade weapons and expand the Corleone empire with help of the family and your crew.

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