#87 – The GREATEST clip show in television history

The gang does a clip show

Its always sunny in Philadelphia

Season 13 episode 7

Is there anything that’s generally more dull, boring or like watching a best of compilation on YouTube than when a TV show does a clip show. We’ve seen the clips before and we know what happens and while it can be kinda fun sometimes and a walk down memory lane.

The issue is that there’s no new content really produced on the episode and it feels like a filler episode. There’s one show that’s always fantastic and such a wild show in general but It’s always sunny does a clip show that TOWERS above all of the rest

Now the episode starts simply enough with the gang on their phones at the bar, their phones need an update because they’ve slowed down so they decide eventually in a very meta way to relive the good ol days.

Initially we do see some of their crazier antics in the past and it’s actually pretty great to relive these moments but it’s at about the half way point that things go a different direction and the Always sunny unique spin is put on the classic television clip show episode.

The gang remember Dennis when he left and the memory was altered slightly. Instead of Dennis turning the lights off Mac remembered that he had done it. If course Dee then thinks her and Charlie did a bit about flashing the lights on and off. Then the memories start to get really wild.

They gang remember one of the greatest Seinfeld episodes “The contest” and they start altering their realities, memories and speaking different languages in Charlie’s memories. The contest segment is done to perfection right down to the dialogue, clothing, setting absolutely everything is incredible and Charlie as Kramer is something I didn’t know I needed to see. The gang just assume this was their lives and the laughter was their fans I mean c’man this episode had me dying.

Mixing real clips with altered clips into the show you start to feel like you don’t know what’s happening.

The way Charlie remembers his memories is so trippy and strange he looks onto his past self often from a distance and it’s so hilarious that he remembers this way. Charlie just assumes casually that watching yourself watch yourself is so normal. Then 2 Charlie’s meet and have a conversation it’s like an always sunny version of Inception.

Frank with the hair and incredibly long legs is so freakin hilarious too

“I’ve always had long legs, it’s a burden bein tall “

-Frank Reynolds

The discussion quickly leads into reality altering and changing their perceptions on what their lives are it’s such a meta and hilarious episode that has to be seen.

I guess now we’ll never know what reality we’re in when we watch episodes in the future

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