#88 – 12-01-2021

This year is off to a slow start in Ireland anyway that’s for sure. I’m already tired of the long days in work and the full PPE gear ohh fuck, the best part of the day is showering at night when I get home

This vaccine needs to be rolled out, thrown out and shot into us pretty soon c’man please were begging for it. There’s one thing we know for sure that’s that the Irish got together this Christmas and we spread the goddamn virus to the level that per 1 million people we’ve got the worst cases in the world yano what the fuck is that. Feels like a couple months ago we were one of the best in Europe dealing with this shit.

Going to the cinema is one of the big things I miss for sure, that popcorn smell when you walk in the front doors was euphoric.

Gotta admit I miss the milk Market on Limerick too. Bop on down there on a Saturday morning look for some random stuff, check out the stalls maybe pick up some weird clothes or a book or 2. Grab a cappuccino and a hotdog with all the trimmings for your lunch then hit a couple of pubs on my way home and chat about the purchases and strange people we got chatting to.

I’m still optimistic we’ll have a good summer though, we all need it 💯

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